Pupils 'want tougher discipline'

Children want teachers to be tougher on pupils who misbehave, research has shown. Over 8,000 youngsters were quizzed by Pearson and Teach First, and a staggering 77% said tougher discipline was key to helping all children with their education.

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Research chief: Data shows 'high' aspirations of pupils

A report into what young people believe they need for a better education has shown "how high" their aspirations are, according to the education company behind the research.

Pearson UK chief, Rob Bristow said research showed pupils wanted an "engaging, challenging, adaptable" education.

What is striking about the My Education report is just how high our young people's aspirations are.

The data shows that they want the best, but they do want education to be engaging, challenging, adaptable. That's a challenge to everyone in education - be they the Government, teachers or exam boards.

– Pearson UK president Rod Bristow

Passionate teachers get better results, say pupils

Over nine in ten pupils believe passionate teachers are vital to a decent education, research has found.

Education company Pearson and charity Teach First found 93% of pupils wanted educators to have an enjoyment of teaching and their subject.

The survey of more than 8,000 pupils also found:

  • 91% believed robust qualifications respected by teachers and universities would help them achieve their goals in life.
  • 81% thought teachers should have more time to get to know their pupils.
  • Around 85% favoured exams that tested a student's understanding of a subject rather than their ability to regurgitate facts.
  • 82% favoured lessons with links to workplace skills.


Report: Schoolchildren want tougher discipline

Young people want tougher punishments for fellow pupils who misbehave, research has shown.

A study from Pearson and Teach First found over three quarters, 77%, of schoolchildren believe strict discipline will help all students with their education.

Schoolchildren believe tougher discipline is required to tackle misbehaving pupils. Credit: PA

Over 8,000 pupils were questioned as part of the study and told researchers they wanted inspiring teachers, decent textbooks and robust qualifications.

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