President: Typhoon killed 2,000

The president of the Philippines has said he believes the much-publicised figure of 10,000 deaths from the typhoon may be too high. President Benigno Aquino III told CNN his government was working on an estimate of 2,000-2,500 deaths.

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  1. Richard Gaisford

Many homeless after devastating typhoon hits Cebu

Shelia's house was totally destroyed by the super typhoon and two of her children were seriously injured.

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Two of Shelia's children were seriously injured. Credit: Daybreak/Richard Gaisford

The children of Anaklita, 75, were born here and their children too. Thirteen in one family are now homeless.

Three generations of one family have been left homeless by the typhoon. Credit: Daybreak/Richard Gaisford

It is amazing that the children remain so happy as they beg for food and water. Many homes are damaged or gone, schools too.

Children remain happy despite the devastation. Credit: Daybreak/Richard Gaisford
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