Star Wars film auditions

Disney is to launch open auditions across Britain, starting in Bristol this weekend, for a "major movie" many have speculated is the new Star Wars film. Last night it was revealed that Star Wars: Episode VII will be in cinemas in December 2015.

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Hopefuls turned away from 'Star Wars audition'

Up to a thousand people attended a UK audition today for a major Disney movie, rumoured to be the next Star Wars film.

Crowds braved the rain at the Bristol auditions for a 'major movie' said to be the new Star Wars film Credit: ITV West Country

However, many big screen hopefuls were turned away from the auditions in Bristol as early as 10:30am after dedicated wannabes queued from the early hours to secure their position.

A movie hopeful turned away from today's auditions in Bristol Credit: ITV West Country

"We walked in the rain, we walked in the cold, we waited for this, we've been really excited and we've got here and the doors are shut," one disappointed audition hopeful told ITV West Country.


Disney auditions for 'major movie' could be Star Wars

Disney is holding a series of open auditions in Britain for a "major movie" many have speculated is Star Wars: Episode VII.

Open auditions for a film thought to be Star Wars are set to be held. Credit: Bay Area News Group/ABACA

The auditions, which begin tomorrow in Bristol, are looking for two actors - one for the role of 'Rachel', where the actress must be over 16, “beautiful, smart and athletic, and the other for 'Thomas' a “handsome, smart and athletic” man aged between 19 and 23.

Although the movie in name has not been mentioned, it has been suggested the auditions are for the latest instalment of the multi-billion pound space franchise - which is expected to be filmed at Pinewood Studios early next year and released in 2015.

The auditions start in Bristol on November 9 and 10, followed by casting calls at Manchester and Glasgow on November 16 and 17 and Dublin and London on November 23 and 24.

J.J Abrams will direct the new film and although no casting details have been given yet, actors including Daniel Day-Lewis, Benedict Cumberbatch and Saoirse Ronan have been linked to the movie.

Disney, who bought the $4 billion franchise last year, reportedly made no comment.

Disney to release new Star Wars film in December 2015

Disney will bring the next film in the Star Wars franchise to cinemas on December 18 2015, the company has said in a statement.

The Walt Disney Company purchased Star Wars producer Lucasfilm in 2012 and promised at least three more films in the series, which ranks as one of the biggest movie franchises of all times.

Director and writer of "Star Wars" George Lucas (C) poses with cast members. Credit: Reuters
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