Nurses 'financially struggling'

Nurses are taking on extra work and borrowing from friends and family after seeing their pay drop in real terms, a survey from Nursing Standard has revealed.

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70% of nurses 'can't afford holiday'

Nurses are being forced to resort to increasingly desperate measures to save money, with many being forced to take second jobs and make large lifestyle sacrifices, a survey for Nursing magazine Nursing Standard has found.

Nurses reported making a number of financial sacrifices as wages fell in real terms. Credit: PA Wire

Almost a third said they had gone without heating, a quarter had missed a credit card payment and 70% had not gone on holiday.

More than three-quarters said they had foregone haircuts or beauty treatments due to pay freezes.


Nurses 'financially struggling' as pay drops in real terms

Nurses are being forced to take on additional work and to borrow money from friends and family to cope with a real term drop in pay, a poll suggests.

Nurses are taking on additional shifts and one in 10 has taken a job outside nursing. Credit: PA

A Nursing Standard survey of more than 1,200 nurses and healthcare assistants found more than half have taken on extra shifts to boost their income while one in 10 has a second job outside nursing.

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