Harry to lead Antarctica trek

Prince Harry will lead a team of injured servicemen in a race to the south pole to raise funds for charity. The 200-mile expedition begins on Sunday as Harry races two other teams of ex-servicemen to raise cash for Walking With The Wounded.

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Prince Harry pays tribute to 'remarkable' servicemen

Prince Harry has paid tribute to the courage of the injured servicemen he is due to lead in a race to the south pole to raise money for charity.

The Prince will join a team of four injured British soldiers as they take on groups from the Commonwealth and the United States in the 200-mile Walking With the Wounded charity trek.

In the speech in Trafalgar Square, Harry said the feat would set an example to all that "you can achieve pretty much anything if you put your mind to it."

Harry: South pole trek is 'wonderful display of courage'

Harry leads the British team on a race to the south pole. Credit: PA

Prince Harry today hailed the courage of 12 wounded servicemen and women who are about to race each other across Antarctica.

In a speech, Harry said: "All the men and women behind me have achieved so much just to get here, let alone actually walk to the South Pole.

"I think it's just a wonderful display of courage from their part and it means so much to everybody else, as it should do, here.

"The cause is for one cause and one cause only, and that's to raise awareness for all the wounded, sick and injured, whether it's in military life or whether it's in civilian life."


Prince Harry all smiles at South Pole trek launch

Prince Harry has arrived in London's Trafalgar Square at the launch event for his Walking With The Wounded trek to the South Pole.

The royal will lead a team of wounded forces personnel in a race raise funds for charity.

Prince Harry was all smiles ahead of the launch. Credit: Adam Smith / ITV News

The 200-mile expedition begins this Sunday as Harry races two other teams of ex-servicemen.

The prince showed no signs of nerves. Credit: Adam Smith / ITV News

'Really excited to get going' says South Pole trekker

The only female servicewoman trekking to the South Pole with Prince Harry told Daybreak how she was "so excited to get going".

Kate Philp, part of Team UK, said her main concerns were the weather because "if a big storm comes in we are tent bound for a few days, eating a lot of food but not making any kilometres".

Ms Philp served in two tours of Iraq but lost her leg in Afghanistan when the armoured vehicle she was commanding hit an IED in November 2008.

Queen inspects equipment ahead of Antarctica trek

Prince Harry showed his grandparents the different types of equipment he and his teammates would use to trek to the South Pole during a reception at Buckingham Palace.

Ed Parker (left), co-Founder of Walking with the Wounded, Prince Harry and the Queen examine a pulk belonging to TEAM UK. Credit: PA

The 29-year-old Prince showed the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh the different types of jackets, boots and special sleds called pulks they will use in their 200 mile trek.

The race to the South Pole, which sees three teams battle it out for first place, are part of a charity effort to raise funds for Walking With The Wounded, which helps retrain injured military personnel for careers in civilian society.

Prince Harry introduces Antarctica trekkers to Queen

Teams of trekkers racing to the south pole for charity were introduced to the Queen at Buckingham Palace by one of their own team leaders - Prince Harry.

The Queen meets actor Dominic West during a reception at Buckingham Palace ahead of the South Pole trek. Credit: PA

Three teams of trekkers made up of injured servicemen lead by captains Prince Harry and actors Dominic West and Alexander Skarsgard, will begin the 200-mile (322km) expedition on Sunday.

At yesterday's reception Sheffield-born West asked the Queen if she had been to Antarctica, to which she replied: "Of course not! I can't think of any reason why I'd want to!"

West, who starred in the hit US TV show The Wire, revealed afterwards: "I thought 'Neither can I'."


Harry waxwork given South Pole makeover before trek

A Madame Tussauds waxwork of Prince Harry has been given an icy makeover ahead of the royal's trek to the South Pole later this month.

Make-up artist Luisa Compobussi puts the finishing touches on a wax figure of Prince Harry. Credit: PA
The figure was given an snowy makeover ahead of the Prince's race to the South Police later this month. Credit: PA
Harry will lead the Walking With The Wounded charity on the trek to the South Pole. Credit: PA
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