M42 open after suicide threat

The M42 will reopen after police managed to safely detain a man who was threatening to commit suicide by jumping off a motorway bridge. The road in the Midlands had been closed for over 24 hours.

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Police detain man who threatened motorway suicide

West Mercia Police said a man who had threatened to commit suicide on the M42 has been detained under the Mental Health Act and is now receiving treatment in a local hospital.

The man had threatened to throw himself off a motorway bridge, forcing police to close the M42 for 26 hours.

But police said the threat of harm to the man and people travelling on the motorway "was so significant, there was no alternative but to close the motorway and for it to remain closed until the incident had run its course".

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BREAKING: M42 to reopen after man safely detained

Police have confirmed the M42 motorway is to reopen in the next hour, following a 26 hour closure. Police say the man threatening to harm himself on a bridge has been safely detained.


Police chief slams 'ignorant' tweets on M42 jump threat

The Assistant Chief Constable involved in the ongoing incident on the M42 has slammed insensitive comments made on Twitter about the man who is threatening to jump from a motorway bridge.

M42 closure due to 'significant' threat of harm

Police said they had no choice but to keep part of the M42 closed as they negotiate with a man threatening to jump off a motorway bridge.

I would like to apologise to all motorists and local people who have experienced significant disruption as a result of this incident.

Clearly, we strive to resolve such matters as quickly as possible, but I would like to make it clear that the threat of harm both to the individual concerned and to vehicles driving on the M42 is so significant that there was no alternative but to close the motorway, and for it to remain closed until the incident has run its course.

– Supt Kevin Purcell, of West Mercia Police
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M42 closed for more than 20 hours

The M42 motorway and the A38 have been closed for more than twenty hours due to a police incident.

Officers say a man threatening to harm himself is still on a bridge over the motorway.

The M42 is closed between the M5 and junction 1 at Bromsgrove.

The A38 Birmingham Road is closed northbound between Bromsgrove and the M42, and southbound between Catshill and the M42.

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