£29m for face-to-face justice

The Government is hoping to cut the reoffending rate among prisoners by having perpetrators of crime meet their victims. Nearly £30m is being set aside for "restorative justice" - where victims of crime meet those responsible for the harm.

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Govt: Restorative justice not a 'soft option'

Restorative justice will allow victims to "look offenders in the eye" and explain "the impact the crime has had on their life", according to the Government.

Policing minister Damian Green has announced a multi-million pound funding boost for restorative justice measures, which he says will force criminals to "face the consequences of their actions".

He denied restorative justice was a "soft option" and offenders would still face a full punishment.

Many victims of crime get to see sentences handed down in the courts, but it's not always enough to help them move on with their lives.

Restorative justice gives victims the opportunity to look offenders in the eye and explain to them the real impact the crime has had on their life.

The process also provides a chance for offenders to face the consequences of their actions.

Restorative justice is not a soft option and will not lead to offenders escaping punishment. Crimes of a serious nature will continue to be progressed through the courts.

– Policing Minister Damian Green

Govt wants criminals and victims to meet face-to-face

Those responsible for ruining lives through crime should meet their victims face-to-face, according to the Ministry of Justice.

More criminals should be forced to meet the victims of their crimes to cut re-offending rates, the Government has said. Credit: PA

The Government has announced a £29m funding boost for the criminal justice system to introduce more "restorative justice" measures, in the hopes of cutting re-offending.

A recent study by the Ministry of Justice linked the conferencing process of restorative justice with a 14% cut in re-offending, while 85% of victims who took part said they were satisfied with the experience.

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) and charities will receive the funding, which has been recovered from offenders, Justice Minister Damian Green said.


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