'24 trapped' in SA mall collapse

At least one person was killed and around 24 workers are feared trapped under rubble after the roof of a South African shopping centre collapsed in Tongaat, north of Durban.

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Collapsed building rescue operation suspended

The search and rescue operation on the site of a collapsed building in South African town of Tongaat has been suspended, a police spokesperson said.

The shopping centre under construction collapsed on Tuesday. Credit: REUTERS/Rogan Ward

"We have been advised that the chance of finding any life, if there is anyone else still trapped, is very remote," Dean Macpherson of Crisis Medical in Durban said.

Authorities tried to stop work at collapsed mall

The three-storey shopping centre under construction collapsed on Tuesday. One person was killed and 29 injured.


Scaled-down estimates now say 24 could be trapped

Emergency workers search for survivors after a building collapsed in Tongaat, north of Durban. Credit: Reuters

Initial reports suggested as many as 50 workers were trapped under the rubble when a football pitch-sized section of a shopping mall under construction collapsed near the South African city of Durban, although officials have now scaled down their estimates.

"There are about 24 people who are at this stage unaccounted for. We're not sure whether they might still be trapped or whether some of them might have gone home," municipal spokesman Thabo Mofokeng told Reuters.

'Women killed' in South African building collapse

Paramedics are searching for people under the rubble. Credit: Kamlash Singh

A police spokesperson in South Africa said at least one person died after a building collapsed in Tongaat, north of Durban.

The person killed was a women who was a construction worker on the site.

The collapsed building was a shopping centre under construction, due to open in April next year, ENCA reported.

At least 26 people have been taken to hospital so far, including one person who was airlifted. Credit: Kamlash Singh

One casualty was airlifted to hospital.

Earlier, paramedics on the scene reported that an estimated 50 people were believed to be trapped.

More than 100 emergency workers are currently attempting to rescue survivors of the collapse. Credit: Kamlash Singh

At least 100 rescue workers from from all emergency services around Tongaat are attending the scene of a collapsed building, attempting to rescue construction workers trapped under rubble.

One casualty was airlifted to hospital. Credit: Kamlash Singh

Emergency crews attend collapsed mall in South Africa

Emergency rescue crews in Tongaat, north of Durban in South Africa, are working to rescue as many as 50 people trapped under the rubble of a collapsed mall.

The building was still under construction when the roof collapsed, trapping builders underneath, according to local reports.

50 workers are trapped under the rubble, emergency services said. Credit: Twitter: Junz_Khan

So far at least 26 people have been taken to hospital with "massive traumatic injuries" according to emergency services, whilst local TV station Eyewitness News said two people died at the scene.

The roof of the building, which is still under construction, according to reports, collapsed on top of workers. Credit: Twitter: Junz_Khan


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