£15m for ambulance services as response times rise

ITV News has learned that the Department of Health will provide £15 million to ambulances services as it was revealed that almost all the services across England are taking longer to respond to emergency calls.

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Ambulance services reveal worsening response times

Figures released by almost all of the ambulance trusts cross England have shown that most have seen an increase in response times.

Only one trusts has managed to cut the length of time it takes an ambulance to respond.

Ambulance services reveal worsening response times. Credit: Andy Hepburn/PA Wire

See how your local service is coping with the full list of times.

Eleven of England's twelve ambulance services answered a series of freedom of information requests showing the average times it took an ambulance to respond from 211 until September 2013.

The East of England trusts showed the worst performance with times increasing by a minute and a half over the period (nearly 40%).

Ambulance services to be given £15 million boost

The Department of Health have told ITV News that ambulances services will receive £15 million to help as a squeeze on A&E departments is expected this winter.

The ambulance service is the absolute front line of the NHS, providing often life-saving treatment to patients who need it the most.

We know a handful of services have experienced problems. NHS England is providing £15 million to alleviate immediate pressures on ambulance services nationwide.

– Department of Health spokesperson

The announcement comes after new figures show the average time it takes ambulances to respond has been going up in nearly all areas in England over the last three years - in the worst area the East of England service has seen times rise by a minute and a half.

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