'Plebgate' PC to sue Mitchell

The police officer at the centre of the 'plebgate' row is to sue former Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell for defamation, the Police Federation has said.

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Mitchell wants officer to give evidence under oath

Andrew Mitchell said last week that he hoped Pc Toby Rowland would give evidence on oath as part of separate libel proceedings against the Sun newspaper.

CCTV of the incident at the Downing Street gates did not prove either version of events

Mr Mitchell told Channel 4 News: "What I do know is that I was stitched up; I was fitted up in Downing Street by armed police officers ...

"We believe that the CCTV shows that the account of Pc Toby Rowland is at very best inaccurate."

'Plebgate' officer files defamation case against Mitchell

The police officer at the centre of the 'Plebgate' affair has filed a defamation case against former Tory Whip Andrew Mitchell, the Metropolitan Police Federation has confirmed.

Pc Toby Rowland, who has made the claim, was the officer on the Downing Street gate when Mr Mitchell was forced to push his bike through the pedestrian exit.

Mr Rowland's account of the altercation that followed differs from that of Mr Mitchell, but the Crown Prosecution Service decided there was not enough evidence to show which one was correct.

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