Police ask public not to conduct own searches for missing Jayden

Thames Valley Police have asked the public not to conduct their own searches for missing teenager Jayden Parkinson. The police have confirmed they are treating the investigation as a murder inquiry.

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Mother's heartfelt plea in seeing missing Jayden again

The mother of missing teenager Jayden Parkinson has posted a heartfelt plea over the disappearance.

Jayden Parkinson was last seen on December 3. Credit: Thames Valley Police

Samantha Shrewsbury wrote a message on social media site Facebook saying: "My baby, my princess, my heart is so heavy, baby girl.

"I just want to see you walk through my door with a 'ta-dar'.

"I need you little lady, my heart feels so empty without you."

Police explain launch of Jayden murder investigation

Police searching for missing teenager Jayden Parkinson have told ITV News that a number of factors surrounding her disappearance prompted them to launch a murder investigation.

Commander Superintendent Christian Bunt from Thames Valley Police said the fact that the teenager had "no access to finance" and had not used a telephone since she went missing on Tuesday had changed the nature of the investigation.

"She didn't have any additional clothes and she hasn't been on social media, which is highly unusual for a 17-year-old," he said.


Jayden search having 'big impact on local community'

The investigation into the disappearance teenager Jayden Parkinson is focusing on the village of Upton and a grassed area off Lydalls Road in Didcott, Commander Supt Christian Bunt told Sky News.

Police officers in Upton, Oxfordshire, as Thames Valley Police continue to search for missing teenager Jayden Parkinson Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

He said: "We have got two significant search areas at the moment. We continue to focus on the area in Upton just outside of Didcot and we understand that is having a big impact on the local community.

"We've got a lot of resources attached to the operation, over 100 officers, specialist search and investigative officers and it's also important to mention we have specialist officers with the family supporting them".

Search and rescue team focus search on farmland

Thames Valley Police are continuing their search for missing 17-year-old Jayden Parkinson, with a police cordon in place near St Mary's church in Upton.

Det Ch Sup Andy Murray yesterday said Thames Valley Police's "main area of focus" was some farmland, with a search and rescue team with dogs carrying out an "extensive search" of the area.

Police cordon off an area by the church in Upton, Oxfordshire, amid a continuing search for Jayden Parkinson.
Thames Valley Police continue to search for missing teenager Jayden Parkinson, 17, from Oxford. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire
Officers gather in fields near Upton, Oxfordshire in their search for the missing teenager. Credit: Tim Ireland/PA Wire

Police ask public not to conduct own searches

Thames Valley Police have asked the public not to conduct their own searches for missing teenager Jayden Parkinson.

Commander Supt Christian Bunt said:

At this stage it is a critical time in our investigation into the disappearance of Jayden Parkinson.

There are currently a number of search scenes in the Didcot and the surrounding locality.

We appreciate the public's co-operation and understanding while this takes place.

Due to the nature of the police searches taking place, we would request the public refrain from organising their own search activity at this stage to avoid the risk of jeopardising the investigation.

Police continue to search for missing Jayden Parkinson

Police are continuing to search for missing teenager Jayden Parkinson who they believe may have been murdered.

Two men are in police custody on suspicion of murder in connection with the disappearance of the 17-year-old.

Jayden Parkinson was last seen on December 3. Credit: Thames Valley Police

The teenager, from Oxford, was last seen in the Iffley Road area of Oxford mid-afternoon on December 3 and failed to return home that evening as planned.

A 17-year-old man was arrested after he attended a police station in Oxfordshire, while a 22-year-old was arrested at an address in Christchurch Road, Reading, on Thursday night.

Forensic officers have been examining the property.


Police expected to search for Jayden 'for up to a week'

Police investigating the disappearance of Jayden Parkinson have said they are planning to scour a rural area in Upton for "up to a week".

Detectives said they are looking for a man spotted in Upton carrying a large suitcase. Detective Chief Inspector Andy Murray told a news conference that the man was notably struggling to "manage" the heavy case.

Jayden's family 'distraught' as murder probe launched

Jayden was last seen on December 3, wearing light blue faded jeans, a brown hooded top with red lettering on it. Credit: Police handout

Jayden's family are distraught, police said, as they announced their missing persons investigation into her disappearance had been changed to a murder inquiry.

Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Murray said the family still have hope.

"They've still got hope but they are distraught and they want their daughter to come home.

"I'm afraid the detective in me leads me to conclude that Jayden may well have been murdered and that's why we have approximately 50 detectives out there still trying to find Jayden, still trying to find evidence that might lead to somebody being convicted if she has been murdered."

Appeal for man with suitcase in Jayden murder probe

Thames Valley Police have said a young man seen struggling with a suitcase could hold the key to her disappearance, and are eager to talk to him.

Read: Jayden disappearance probe now a murder probe

Detective Chief Superintendent Andy Murray said police were now focusing on trying to find a man who was seen with a large suitcase in a field in the small village of Upton in the early hours of December 9.

That suitcase was large, it was heavy, it was difficult to manage and that man was having difficulty removing that suitcase from that area.

The man has been described as about 20, white, about 5'6" tall of medium to slim build, with short dark hair. The suitcase was described as light coloured, probably made of canvas material.

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