Gatwick Airport chiefs 'may face probe' over Christmas chaos

Gatwick chiefs face a possible investigation over Christmas travel misery at the airport amid criticism from travellers. There was chaos at the airport on Christmas Eve after a power outage at its North Terminal.

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  1. Martha Fairlie - ITV News reporter

Many understandably angry people at Gatwick tonight

Thousands of people are understandably very angry at Gatwick, so much so that the airport police had to be called in to calm down the situation.

Perhaps luckily, because of rail disruption, most of those people had arrived by road today and have been able to leave.

However, there are several hundred passengers who are stranded at the airport - their plans for Christmas obviously ruined.

EasyJet customer service line 'open till midnight'

EasyJet says its customer service line will stay open until midnight, after many passengers have been left stranded at Gatwick Airport. A power outage at North Terminal has led to cancellations and delays.

The airline has been forced to cancel 38 flights in total today and a number have been delayed.


Police 'calm upset passengers' at Gatwick

A passenger has tweeted a picture that appears to show a police officer attempting to calm angry people at Gatwick Airport, where a power outage at North Terminal has led to cancellations and delays.

Passengers claim police stand in for staff at Gatwick

Some passengers at Gatwick Airport are reporting that police officers have taken over some duties at Gatwick in the place of airport and airline staff.

ITV News cannot independently confirm these reports at present.

Gatwick: Departing flights to leave from South Terminal

Gatwick have announced that all departing flights would now be leaving from its South Terminal.

Severe weather conditions caused a power failure in the North Terminal causing widespread disruption to passengers who faced delays checking-in and were unable to access toilets, coffee shops and restaurants.


Frustrated passengers left 'in limbo' at Gatwick Airport

Frustrated passengers have complained that they were left in limbo at Gatwick's North Terminal after a power failure caused widespread disruption at the airport.

Toilets, coffee shops, restaurants and other facilities were closed due to the power cut leading to complaints from frustrated passengers.

Passengers waiting at the North Terminal at Gatwick Airport, as passengers were left "in limbo" at the airport's North Terminal Credit: Daniel Cawthorne/PA Wire

Graziella Vella, who is six-months-pregnant, was due to fly to Malta to spend Christmas with her family.

The 37-year-old said: "I am fuming and absolutely desperate - there has been no information at all and we can't make alternative plans.

Transport networks around Gatwick were heavily disrupted this morning. Credit: Daniel Cawthorne/PA Wire

"We're just hanging in limbo... at least if they said 'Nothing is going to happen, come back tomorrow', but there is no information of any kind.

"It is absolutely choc-a-bloc and in the check-in room upstairs there are 50 people queuing for the one toilet that is working."

Gatwick Airport power failure causing check-in delays

Gatwick Airport have said severe weather conditions have caused a partial power failure in the North Terminal.

Flights are operating but passengers have been warned to expect some delays checking in.

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