Survey: A third of drivers have nodded off behind the wheel

One in three drivers have admitted nodding off momentarily while driving, according to a survey. The poll also found the male drivers were more likely to drive on little sleep than women.

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Number of drivers asleep at the wheel 'horrifying'

The number of drivers momentarily falling asleep behind the wheel is "horrifying" and more needs to be done to make sure motorists "get sufficient sleep" before taking to the road, a charity has said.

Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend said:

The fact that so many drivers - especially men - have head-nodded at the wheel is horrifying, even more so that many don't recognise this means they have fallen asleep briefly.

This survey suggests this is down to many people failing to ensure they always get sufficient sleep before embarking on journeys.

We need all drivers to wake up to the fact that "head nodding" is falling asleep, and can easily lead to catastrophe, but it can, of course be prevented.

– Julie Townsend, Brake

Survey: Men more likely to drive on little sleep

A survey has found that men are more likely to drive on less than five hours' sleep than women.

A higher proportion of men also admitted to having drifted off behind the wheel.

The data, collected by road safety charity Brake and insurance firm Direct Line, found the following:

  • Almost half (49%) admitted to driving after less than three hours' sleep
  • Men (55%) were more likely than women (45%) to drive after less than five hours' sleep
  • Only 2% of women drivers have drifted off compared with 14% of men

(Sources: Survey by Brake and Direct Line)

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Almost half of men admit 'head nodding' behind wheel

Almost half of male drivers admitted to drifting off momentarily while behind the wheel, research has revealed.

More men then women admitted to falling asleep for a second while driving. Credit: PA

45% of the male drivers questioned about their sleep patterns and driving behaviour admitted they "head nodded", also known as micro sleeping, while behind the wheel.

One third of 1,000 drivers quizzed confessed to drifting off for a moment while driving, said insurance company Direct Line and road safety charity Brake, who collected the data.

Tired driving kills at least 300 people on UK roads every year, according to Brake.

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