Jurors urged to forget about Travis' 'celebrity' status

Jurors at the trial of Dave Lee Travis have been urged to forget about his fame and treat him as a "normal member of the public", during the prosecution's closing speech. He denies 13 charges of indecent assault and one of sexual assault.

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BA worker has no memory of alleged DLT party assault

A British Airways worker has told jurors she has no recollection of one of Dave Lee Travis's alleged victims being assaulted by him at a staff party in the early 1990s.

Christine Langin said she remembered being the woman's manager at the time but could not recall either of two alleged incidents.

The jury had previously heard a claim that Mrs Langin, who still works for the airline, had driven away from the second alleged groping.

But she today told Southwark Crown Court she thinks she would have reacted differently if she had, telling jurors:

The way I managed my staff at that time, if one of my staff members had mentioned something like that I'm fairly certain I would have sought internal help as well within BA.

The trial has been adjourned until Monday.

Colleague: Travis accuser 'strident and self-obsessed'

Dave Lee Travis is accused of a series of indecent assaults and one sexual assault. He denies all charges. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

A former PA at Chiltern Radio has played down an incident in which prosecutors claim Dave Lee Travis was confronted about indecently assaulting a female colleague and accused the woman of being "strident" and "self-obsessed".

Caroline Bonfield said she was aware of an occasion when Travis was called into managing director Colin Wilshere's office at the radio station in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, but played it down as a "kerfuffle".

She said she was later told by Mr Wilshere: "There's been a bit of an upset with one of the girls."

Ms Bonfield described the woman in question as "quite strident, quite loud ... self-obsessed and a bit on the neurotic side".


Colleague: DLT 'enjoyed the big bear hugs and cuddles'

Caroline Bonfield, a former PA at Chiltern Radio, said Dave Lee Travis was "a breath of fresh air at the studio". Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

A former PA at Chiltern Radio said Dave Lee Travis's love of bear hugs would see him hug colleagues in a "vice-like grip" but there was "no stroking or patting".

Caroline Bonfield told Southwark Crown Court: "He enjoyed the big bear hugs and cuddles. ... It was just like 'grrrrr' and you got a big old cuddle and he let you go."

Ms Bonfield said Travis would also sometimes give her "shoulders a good old squeeze" but said she "never had a problem with that," although she admitted it might not have been "everyone's cup of tea".

She said Travis was "funny", "kind" and "generous" and said colleagues "loved having him about".

Travis left job 'because of cut in air time not sex claims'

Claims that Dave Lee Travis left his job at Chiltern Radio because he had been accused of indecently touching a colleague are "ridiculous", his former assistant has said.

Gemma Nurden told Southwark Crown Court that Travis chose to quit his post in 2002 because of proposals to cut his show from five days a week to only one.

Caroline Bonfield, who worked at the radio station as PA to the then group managing director, also described allegations against Travis as "totally ludicrous" and said he was "never ever" seen as a sex pest.

She said no allegations were made at the time and there were no rumours, telling the jury:

Anything like that would have gone around the station like wildfire. In any office it would, but particularly in the media. There was never any talk about it at all and we did talk about sleazy men.

Assistant: DLT gave bear hugs but 'not in a seedy way'

Dave Lee Travis's former personal assistant has said she was not aware of any of the women at Chiltern Radio ever accusing the DJ of assaulting them and said there was never an "atmosphere" at the station because of him.

Gemma Nurden, though, agreed with other witness statements that she noticed the smell of the defendant's "pungent aftershave" as he walked in a room.

But she described Travis, known as DLT, as a "lovely person", telling the jury:

When Dave met people, he'd give them a big sort of bear hug. He just sort of would always put his arms around people but not in a seedy way or anything - just in a friendly way.

The charges against Travis relate to allegations from when he was working as a BBC DJ, as a broadcaster with Classic Gold radio, while appearing on Top Of The Pops and when starring in panto.

Former assistant denies DLT was seen as sex predator

Dave Lee Travis, seen on Tuesday, denies 13 indecent assaults between 1976 and 2003 and one sexual assault in 2008. Credit: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

A former personal assistant to Dave Lee Travis said claims the veteran DJ was seen as a "determined sexual predator" while working at a commercial radio station are "completely untrue".

Gemma Nurden, who worked for Travis from 1992 to 2002, told Southwark Crown Court: "I never saw anything to make me think that at all."

Ms Nurden was asked by the defence about Travis' time working at Chiltern Radio, where he is alleged to have inappropriately touched three female colleagues.


Former PA: Dave Lee Travis was a 'kind gentleman'

A former personal assistant of veteran DJ Dave Lee Travis has told Southwark Crown Court he was a "kind gentleman who used to hug women".

Margaret Merritt, who worked as his PA from 1974 to 1976, said she had never seen him act inappropriately.

Dave Lee Travis denies 13 indecent assaults and one sexual assault. Credit: Press Association

"He was very tactile. But never ever in a sexual way.

"He was just always a fun person and people liked to be around him", she added.

Ms Merritt told jurors she was "really upset" when the allegations against Travis emerged and called him straight away.

Mr Travis denies 13 indecent assaults and one sexual assault. The trial was adjourned to tomorrow.

Travis ends evidence after three days in witness box

During re-examination for the defence, Dave Lee Travis was asked again about his comments that things were "different" in the 1970s and 1980s.

The former Radio One DJ repeated that his words had been taken out of context and he had not been referring to his alleged victims' claims.

He told jurors: "I was saying that it was different in those days and that people would go around in offices and they would pat a girl on the bottom or something like that.

"I'm not saying it's right to have done it then or now.

"Women had to put up with that and that was a shame and if they complained they'd be laughed at in a lot of cases."

After completing his evidence, which lasted a total of three days, Mr Travis left his seat in the witness box.

Travis reveals celebrity photographs displayed in home

Referring to claims by a journalist that he had a "sleazy" photograph of a celebrity on his wall, Dave Lee Travis told Southwark Crown Court he displays photographs he has taken of famous people in his home.

They included television hosts Bob Monkhouse, Graham Norton and Linda Lusardi, Pink Panther actor Burt Kwouk, model Nell McAndrew and Lord Lichfield.

He also said he took a photograph of singer Kim Wilde "in black leather attached to a policeman".

Travis: It 'would be suicide' to grope a journalist

Dave Lee Travis has denied claims he grabbed a female journalist's breasts after asking her to pose for suggestive photographs during questioning by the prosecution at his trial.

He said: "I'm a professional in my photographic life. I'm a professional in my broadcasting life.

"I do not want to touch the breasts of anybody, let alone anybody who works for the press. That would be suicide.

He added: "I have not been groping people for 40 years".

Mr Travis denies 13 indecent assaults and one sexual assault.

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