Smokers claiming six-a-day habit is 'social'

Almost a quarter of smokers class their habit as 'social smoking', despite the fact many smoke six to 20 cigarettes a day, a poll suggests.

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'More than half of smokers break cigarette bans'

A survey on people's smoking habits has revealed that a quarter of people class between six and 20 cigarettes as only a "social habit", while more than 50% have broken the smoking ban to light up.

  • Around 60% of all those questioned said they have tried giving up in the past, with women being slightly more likely than men to have attempted quitting
  • One in six of those who had tried to stop smoking succeeded for over a year but then went back to their old habits
  • Some 13% said part of the reason they took up smoking again was because their friends smoked and they did not like being left alone on nights out
  • Other reasons included the effects of alcohol, a football team losing and because the smoker did not want to miss out on socialising with work colleagues
  • Of those who did go back to smoking, 47% said they had initially cut down how many cigarettes they smoked
  • The poll also found that 54% of smokers admitted to smoking in banned areas, such as indoors in public spaces.

Six cigarettes a day is 'social' says quarter of smokers

Having between six to 20 cigarettes a day is a social habit, almost a quarter of smokers believe, according to a new survey.

Almost a quarter of smokers say they only have a social habit despite the fact many smoke six to 20 cigarettes a day, a poll suggests Credit: PA

A survey of 2,000 smokers found that 24% class themselves as social smokers but more than one in three of these buy up to a packet a day.

Catherine Cox, primary care manager at The Co-operative Pharmacy, which conducted the poll, said: "Many smokers are convincing themselves they are consuming less tobacco than they actually are by classing their habit as a 'social' one."

"People see it as more acceptable to be a social smoker than admitting they regularly light up each day, even though our research shows that this is the case," she added.


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