Govt: 'Vital' local councils provide land for housebuilding

Local councils must provide more land if the Government is to create 165,000 affordable homes by 2018, the housing minister has said. It is "vital", Kris Hopkins said, because housebuilding is "an essential part" of the Government's economic plan.

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Govt housebuilding 'will support 165,000 jobs'

The Government's housebuilding project will help 165,000 construction workers as well "sustain thousands of small businesses", the housing minister has said.

Housebuilding is an essential part of this Government's long-term economic plan.

That's why we have designed an ambitious new scheme to build affordable homes at the fastest rate for 20 years.

Our programme will support 165,000 jobs in construction, sustain thousands of small businesses and provide homes where future generations can live and raise families of their own.

– Kris Hopkins housing minister

Govt calls on councils to give up land for houses

Local councils need to provide more land if the Government is to fulfil its ambitious house building programme, the housing minister has said.

Housing associations will have to build the type of home which is in short supply in their area. Credit: PA

Kris Hopkins called on local authorities to provide more land for the 165,000 the Government plans to build by 2018.

The £23 billion affordable housing project will be delivered by housing associations, councils and construction firms who successfully bid for Government contracts, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has said.

Housing associations which apply for funding will have to focus on delivering new homes which are in short supply in their local area, the DCLG added.

This could result in more one and two bedroom homes being built, so that smaller households can move to more "suitably-sized" accommodation, it added.


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