EU restrictions on liquids in hand luggage 'gradually' lifted

Restrictions on the amount of liquid that can be taken on board by passengers are to be "gradually" relaxed from today, after the European Commission postponed the lifting of ban last year.

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'Sealed duty-free liquids' allowed in hand luggage

Gradual changes to restrictions on liquids in hand luggage are being brought in from today.

Changes include:

  • Certain duty free liquids - those coming from outside the EU and being transferred in EU airports to a connecting flight - can be carried through provided they are sealed in the security bag when bought.
  • If the sealed bag is tampered with, passengers will need to produce a receipt.
  • In future, medicines in bottles larger than a 100mls will simply need to be presented for screening before being allowed on board.
  • Australia, Canada and the US will also screen duty free liquids sealed in security bags by 31 January as well.


Restrictions on liquids in hand luggage begin to be lifted

The 100ml limit on liquids in airport hand luggage will gradually begin to be lifted from today, it has emerged.

The ban was imposed after a failed terrorist attack in 2006. Credit: PA

An EU ban on liquids in hand luggage was due to be lifted on 29 April last year, but was postponed by the European Commission.

However, duty-free bought liquids, such as aerosols, will now be allowed to go through airport security, so long as they are in a sealed bag.

Restrictions began in 2006 when a terror plot was uncovered to activate bombs disguised as drinks in hand luggage on at least seven flights from the UK to North America.

The EU plans to lift all restrictions by 2016.

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