Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday

Social media giant Facebook, which started off in a Harvard University dorm room and now has 1.2bn monthly users, celebrates its 10th birthday today.

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Facebook 'dominates platforms in such a profound way'

Lastminute.com co-founder Martha Lane Fox said Facebook was well-placed to continue as a social media giant for many years.

The crossbench peer told ITV News: "Especially in an environment now where they're beginning to dominate in such a profound way the platforms that they rest on.

"I think it's much harder than it was even two or three years ago to displace them."

Social networking: Facts & stats as Facebook turns 10

1) Google+ is strong competition (source: Searchmetrics) It's expected to surpass Facebook by 2016, according to the analytics specialists.

2) There are more older users on Facebook (source: Pew Research Center) Since 2005, those aged 65+ have roughly tripled their social networking presence.

3) Facebook activity dominates (source: GlobalWebIndex) About 55% of Facebook's active users visit the site more than once a day, though Vine, SnapChat and WhatsApp are snapping at its heels

4) Picture sites are catching up (source: ShareThis) Photo site Pinterest was the fastest-growing platform for online content sharing in 2013

5) The 25-34 age group are the most social (source: GlobalWebIndex) The 25-34s form the largest share of users on nearly all on the top social platforms


Facebook CEO Zuckerberg: There's always a next move

Granting a rare television interview to America's Today show, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said that the social network's tumultuous debut on the financial markets in 2012 taught him "there's always a next move."

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, talks to Today’s Savannah Guthrie. Credit: NBC/Today

“I've spent a lot of late nights pacing around my living room with teammates just trying to plot out what our next move can be in order to keep pushing forward on this mission,” Zuckerberg said.

“But one of the big things that I've taken away from the last 10 years is, there's always a next move and you just need to keep on pushing forward and keep on doing the best thing that you can."

Addressing recent claims that an increasing number of teenagers are quitting the site for other social networks, the 29-year-old told interviewer Savannah Guthrie: "We pay attention to every demographic in every country."

"We're going to focus on building things that teens are going to like, and we're also going to focus on building things that other folks are going to like," he added.

Asked if there was one thing he could tell his 19-year-old self, Zuckerberg said it would be to marry his wife Priscilla sooner.

'Facebook' invented in 1902, news archive shows

'Face-book' was originally an Edwardian parlour game, a newspaper report from 1902 has revealed.

A report in Exeter newspaper The Western Times from 1902 Credit: PA

As the social networking giant celebrates its 10th birthday, a 1902 clipping from Exeter newspaper The Western Times shows that a paper prototype called Face-book was "the latest novelty for wiling the time in a country house."

The lower-tech version involved guests at stately homes drawing a picture of a face in an album before signing it, with the newspaper adding: "The result is very amusing and the worst drawings frequently cause the greatest entertainment."

Amy Sell, a researcher from the British Newspaper Archive, said: "Forgotten stories like this really enrich what we know about the past. It's surprising just how closely the 'Face-book' of 1902 reflects what we use today - history certainly does seem to repeat itself."

Has Facebook made life better or worse? Your views

On Facebook's 10th birthday, ITV News viewers shared their thoughts on how the social network has affected their lives.

Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday today. Credit: PA

Sophie Avey said: "Better...my grandparents moved abroad so we use Facebook to keep in touch and I met my partner through mutual friends on Facebook two and a half years ago and now we are expecting our first baby..."

"Good and bad," said Val Smith. "Ruined my relationship, but being really ill [it] helped me to keep in touch with the world."

Linda Dyson said: "I think for the older/grown up people it's good way of finding old and new friends, for the younger teenagers not so good for some as its used against them sometimes."

Adam Davidson added: "I think Facebook should have a way to prove your age and ID to stop vulnerable people becoming a target from those who commit crime and troll for bad reasons."

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Zuckerberg: Facebook has been an incredible journey

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, spoke about the social network's "incredible journey" and plans for the future, as it celebrates 10 years in operation.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook. Credit: Reuters

"It's been an incredible journey so far, and I'm so grateful to be a part of it," Zuckerberg said in a statement.

"It's been amazing to see how people have used Facebook to build a real community and help each other in so many ways. In the next decade, we have the opportunity and responsibility to connect everyone and to keep serving the community as best we can."

Facebook 'much more than a place for photos'

Facebook has grown into something "much more than a place to upload pictures", according to an expert on the social media giant.

Warwick Business School assistant professor of Information Systems, Dr Markos Zachariadis, has researched the company and looks into innovation in social networks, said Facebook would have to work hard to retain its position at the top.

It is the largest social network in the world, but many are questioning whether it will survive another 10 years.

Another innovation and network may come along to threaten its dominant position in the market, but Facebook is in a good position to expand and grow further, thus creating a strong 'network effect' and adding new services to keep users engaged.

– Dr Markos Zachariadis
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