Somerset village evacuated after flood defences breached

Marines and police have helped to evacuate residents in the Somerset village of Moorland after their flood defences were breached. One resident built a giant wall out of clay around his house to try to stem rising flood waters.

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Further storms put recovery efforts at risk

Engineering works continue in Dawlish to repair the sea wall on which the main rail line connecting Cornwall with the rest of the country sits.

But successive bands of rain are expected to continue until at least Tuesday, putting the recovery efforts at risk.

Dawlish in Devon Credit: Network Rail/PA Wire

High tides and stormy seas destroyed around 80 metres of the wall, causing a significant stretch of the railway to collapse into the sea.

The road adjacent to the railway and several houses has also been damaged, as was Dawlish station itself and several other sites in the area.

Somerset action group thanks flood volunteers

FLAG (Flooding on the Levels Action Group) tweeted its thanks to volunteers who supported the flood relief effort in Somerset on Friday after more specialist pumping equipment was taken to the area.


Somerset flood victim: 'I've lost everything'

Hayley Matthews says she has "lost everything" because of the floods.

Ms Matthews, who lives in the village of Moorland, which has been largely evacuated due to the severity of the floods told ITV News:

"I'm now living in a caravan, my kids are living with their grandparents and we're just spread everywhere and there's just devastation. I've lost my house, I've lost my family, I've lost everything."


Marines get to work sandbagging in Moorland

Royal Marines are back at work near the Somerset village of Moorland today stacking sandbags into flood defences.

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Advice for Somerset residents evacuated in flooding

Avon and Somerset Police have put together a 'Frequently Asked Questions' pack for people being evacuated as a result of the flooding.

The pack says: "Our strong advice is to leave as soon as possible".

Floodwater 'rose by up to a metre in a few minutes'

The village of Moorland saw floodwater rise by up to a metre (3.3 feet) in a few minutes just after 1:30 this morning, Somerset County Council has said.

A statement said that 60 homes are being evacuated and that a further 80 homes have already been affected. Some 30 residents have decided to remain in their homes.

A rest centre has been established at Westfield Church for residents who are unable to find alternative accommodation.

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