Spain's Princess Cristina to testify in fraud probe

Spain's Princess Christina has arrived in court to be questioned in connection with a corruption scandal involving her husband. It is the first time a member of Sprain's royal family has appeared in court as the subject of a criminal investigation.

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Spanish royal family's popularity at a record low

As Spain's Princess Cristina testifies before a judge in a corruption case, the royal family's popularity is Spain is at record low.

The once-revered King Juan Carlos is seen as woefully out of step with a nation suffering economic hardship.

An opinion poll released last month put the king's popularity at a record low, with almost two thirds of Spaniards wanting him to abdicate and hand the crown to his son.

Spanish Princess testifies in royal corruption case

Spain's Princess Cristina gave testimony before a judge in a corruption case that has deepened public anger over graft among the ruling class and discontent with the royal family.

Spain's Princess Cristina, Credit: REUTERS/Paul Hanna

Cristina, the younger daughter of King Juan Carlos, faces preliminary charges of tax fraud and money laundering linked to her use of funds from a shell company she co-owned with her husband Inaki Urdangarin.

Mr Urdangarin is charged with crimes including embezzling 6 million euros of public money.


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