Attorney General examines single fatal punch 'joke' sentence

The Attorney General is looking into the four-and-a-half -year sentence given to a man who plead guilty to manslaughter after a throwing a single punch that killed a 40-year-old man. Ashley Young's mother said: "The sentence is an absolute joke."

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Mother of one-punch killer: 'It’s not a big deal'

The mother of a thug who killed an autistic man with one punch has dismissed the attack as "not a big deal" according to a report in the Daily Mail.

Andrew Young sustained a serious head injury and later died at Southampton Hospital. Credit: Dorset Police

The newspaper reported that Sherron O’Hagan, mother of Lewis Gill who killed Andrew Young in an unprovoked attack, said the incident would soon be the "lining of chips".


Grieve looking into sentence for deadly punch

The Attorney General's Office has confirmed it is looking into the four-and-a-half -year sentence given to Lewis Gill, 20, after pleading guilty to manslaughter for a punch that killed a 40-year-old man.

A statement said:

The Attorney General’s Office has received a number of requests to look at the sentence given to Lewis Gill.

If a sentence given in a Crown Court appears to be very low, or unduly lenient, anyone can ask the Attorney General to examine the sentence, within 28 days of sentencing.

This process has now started. We have asked the CPS to send us more information this case.

– Attorney General's Office
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