Russian troops 'opened fire during military post takeover'

Russian troops opened fire during a takeover of a Ukrainian military post in Crimea but no one was injured, news agency Interfax reports.

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Crimea pro-Russia military unit formed in Simferopol

Members of a pro-Russian self defence unit stand in formation as they take an oath to the Crimea government in Simferopol. Credit: Reuters

The first unit of the pro-Russian Military Forces of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea was sworn in at a public ceremony in Simferopol on Saturday.

About 30 men armed with AK-47s, and another 20 or so unarmed, turned out. They ranged in age from teenagers to a man who looked to be about 60. They were sworn in at a park in front of an eternal flame to those killed in the Second World War.

Sergei Aksyonov, the Crimean prime minister, came to the ceremony and was greeted by the soldiers with shouts of "Commander!"

He said their main role, at least until the referendum, would be to "keep the peace". He said he did not foresee any fighting with the Ukrainian soldiers still at bases in Crimea

"We are not enemies with those soldiers who pledged loyalty to the Ukrainian state. They are not our enemies," he said. He added that they would be given the chance to go safely back to Ukraine if they want.


Security body condemns 'attack on media' in Crimea

The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe representative Dunja Mijatovic has condemned reported closures of TV channels in Crimea, after military observers were forced to turn back earlier today.

The OSCE observers have been unable to enter Ukraine's Crimea peninsula for the second day in a row.

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Convoy of 'hundreds of Russian troops' enter Crimea

A convoy of hundreds of Russian soldiers in 65 troops trucks drove into a base near Crimea's capital Simferopol, according to Reuters.

The convoy was accompanied by eight armoured vehicles, two ambulances, petrol tankers and other hardware. Russia has said its only troops in Crimea are those normally stationed there with its Black Sea Fleet, an assertion Washington calls "(President Vladimir) Putin's fiction".

Unmarked vehicles enter Simferopol Credit: RTV

Kiev said there are 30,000 Russians in Crimea. The Pentagon estimates their number at around 20,000.

Military convoy is pictured entering Simferopol Credit: RTV

Klitschko to visit Donetsk as East 'feels isolated'

ITV News Europe correspondent Emma Murphy reports from Donetsk in Ukraine:


Ukraine security body reports cyber attacks

Ukrainian authorities said the country's top security body and a national news agency had been hit by cyber attacks.

Unidentified sources launched denial of service (DoS) attacks which are intended to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users, officials said.

Ukraine is reporting cyberattacks Credit: REUTERS/Vasily

Last week the country's telecommunications system had come under cyber attack, with some Internet and telephone services severed after Russian forces seized control of airfields and key installations in Ukraine's Crimea region.

'Warning shots fired as observers try to enter Crimea'

International military observers from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe said "warning shots" were fired as the mission turned back trying to enter Crimea.

The OSCE observers have been unable to enter Ukraine's Crimea peninsula for the second day in a row.

Military convoy pictured entering Simferopol

A large military convoy has been pictured entering Simferopol in southern Crimea.

Military convoy is pictured entering Simferopol Credit Credit: Sean Swan/ITV

ITV News' Matt Brindley tweeted: "Large military convoy enters Simferopol. The vehicles have no number plates.

A large military convoy is pictured entering Simferopol Credit: Matt Brindley/ITV News

"They've come from east Crimea and appear to be heading around Simferopol and then to the north."

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