Miliband: EU referendum 'unlikely' if Labour wins election

Labour leader Ed Miliband has effectively ruled out a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU, pledging that he would only hold one in the “unlikely” event that Westminster had to transfer more powers to Brussels.

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Victor Blank: EU uncertainty 'disastrous' for business

Businessman Sir Victor Blank has welcomed Ed Miliband's "sensible" pledge to offer voters an EU referendum if there is a proposed transfer of powers from Westminster to Brussels.

The former Lloyds TSB chairman expressed strong support for British membership of the EU, saying the prospect of an exit was "horrific".

Read: Miliband: EU referendum 'unlikely' if Labour wins election


Labour donor: Miliband move 'a step in right direction'

One of Labour's biggest donors, John Mills, has said Ed Miliband's pledge to hold an EU referendum if there is a transfer of powers from Westminster to Brussels is "a step in the right direction".

However, Mr Mills has been clear that he would like Labour to promise an in/out referendum.

He said this morning: "I think we should recognise that the growth of the EU's influence over Britain in the past 40 years warrants a referendum regardless of future events."

Ed Miliband: We gain more from being part of EU

ITV Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship has been tweeting from Ed Miliband's speech this morning on the European Union.


Ed Miliband ends his Q&A reaffirming his overall position: "We gain more not less from being part of the European Union"


The excesses of the EU include the "separate parliament building in Strasbourg" says Miliband


Miliband: what Cameron has done (pledged 2017 referendum) has "sent a chill down the spine of businesses round the world"

Read: Miliband: EU referendum 'unlikely' if Labour wins election


Cameron: EU pledge 'makes no sense whatsoever'

David Cameron has attacked Ed Miliband's EU referendum pledge, saying it makes "no sense whatsoever".

The Prime Minister told reporters on a flight to Israel: "It is not a proposal for an in/out referendum. It is a policy clearly designed by a committee who obviously couldn't agree what to do and have come up with a policy that makes no sense whatsoever."

David Cameron speaking at an EU summit in Brussels last week Credit: Geert Vanden Wijngaert/AP/Press Association Images

He added: "It is absolutely clear - if you get Miliband, you don't get a referendum, you don't get a choice.

"It is the classic Labour 'we know best' approach to politics."

Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship on Labour's "confusing" EU referendum pledge

Miliband: UK should stay in the EU but it must change

ITV News Deputy Political Editor Chris Ship is at Ed Miliband's speech setting out Labour's position on an EU referendum:


So far: Miliband says we need to be IN European Union but it needs to change.


Well this bit is clear: tackling world problems more effective inside EU; UK stronger part of EU; economic case for membership overwhelming


Miliband: Cam's promises on Europe are "undefined, undeliverable and are now unravelling." <Might that also apply to Labour's new position?

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