Over 100 soldiers awarded for bravery in military honours

117 people from all three services are included in the latest Operational Honours list. A young soldier who helped save a friend shot in the neck, and the shot friend who insisted on continuing to fight are among those honoured.

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Moments after soldier shot in neck caught on camera

A video released by the Ministry of Defence shows the moments after Lance Cpl Simon Moloney was shot in the neck by a Taliban sniper, with the bullet narrowly missing a major artery.

Lance Cpl Moloney is seen being treated by his colleague Lance Cpl West Masters, before continuing to defend his unit’s position from enemy fighters.

The soldiers then had to wait until an Army helicopter arrived to take them to safety.

'One in a trillion' soldier: 'You think it is game over'

Two soldiers have spoken to Daybreak about the terrifying moments when one of them was shot through the neck while serving in Afghanistan.

Lance Corporal Simon Moloney was hit by a sniper's bullet when he and his colleagues broke into an insurgent compound last July.

Lance Corporal Wes Masters rushed to his aid and spent 15 minutes trying to patch the wound up while under heavy fire.

Both men have received awards for their actions, with Lance Cpl Moloney receiving the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross and Lance Cpl Masters the Military Cross.


Soldier commended for saving colleagues after bomb

A soldier who battled to save her colleagues despite having been thrown upside down and temporarily deafened by the explosion of a massive insurgent bomb in Afghanistan has been commended for her actions in the latest round of military honours.

Lance Corporal Sinead Dodds. Credit: Press Association.

The 21-year-old was travelling in a convoy when her 25-tonne vehicle was thrown upside down in a powerful IED. When she regained consciousness she managed to free the other causalities in her group until help arrived. She described:

"It wasn't a pleasant experience but it lasted seconds - the unpleasant bit was waking up and the pain in the ears. When I came to the only thing I could hear was the loud, piercing ringing in the ear. Quite painful, but after a few seconds that's when I think the adrenaline kicked in."

Dodds was singled out in her citation for her control of the situation and clarity of thought under pressure.

Honoured soldier 'had three minutes' after being shot

Lance Corporal Simon Moloney described how he knew once he was shot he would have "three minutes to go out with a bang" and "do what he could" to help his colleagues after being shot in the neck.

The bullet hit a water pipe, which he thought was a main artery, as blood immediately sprayed all over his chest. Despite his almost fatal injury he continued to shoot to defend his base from Taliban fighters.

He will be awarded Conspicuous Gallantry Cross later today.

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