Over half of GPs 'considering early retirement'

Some 57% of GPs are thinking of retiring before they turn 65, a poll from the British Medical Association suggests.

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GP workload 'threatening its long-term future'

The amount of work GPs have to do is so great is its "threatening" the future of family medicine, the BMA has warned.

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chairman of the BMA's GP committee, said:

It is clear general practice is facing a workload disaster that is threatening its long-term future.

We are seeing morale dip to a level that I cannot remember in my 25 years as a GP.

Six out of 10 GPs are considering early retirement and more than a third are actively planning to end their career early.

This could lead to a serious workforce crisis in general practice where we do not have enough GPs to treat patients.

The root cause of this crisis is that GP practices are facing an unprecedented combination of rising patient demand, especially from an ageing population, and declining resources.

– Dr Chaand Nagpaul

'57% of GPs' thinking about early retirement

Over half of GPs are considering stepping down and retiring before their mid-60s because of their heavy workload, the doctor's union has warned.

Heavy workload is being blamed for the number of doctors aiming to retire early, the BMA said. Credit: PA

The British Medical Association (BMA) quizzed 420 GPs, 54% of whom said they believed their current workload was "unsustainable".

And 55% said their morale was "low" or "very low".

The union said that general practice is facing a "workload disaster".


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