Sport England cuts funding to the FA by £1.6m

Sport England has cut funding to the Football Association by £1.6m after a drop in the number of people who regularly play the game. It has warned the FA to seriously rethink their grassroots strategy.

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FA 'disappointed' by Sport England funding cut

The Football Association says it is "disappointing" that Sport England has decided to reduce its funding by £1.6m.

FA general secretary Alex Horne said the move was particularly unwelcome as problems in grassroots football are now "acute".

The FA said it would continue to invest substantially in grassroots football. Credit: Nick Potts/PA Archive/Press Association Images

He also criticised the timing of the decision, saying:

“It is especially disappointing as Sport England agreed and began funding our joint plan only in August last year, and today’s decision is based on measurement undertaken just two months later in October."

However, the FA vowed to continue to invest in grassroots football, on which it spends around £1m a week.


Sport England cuts funding for football, golf and rowing

The governing bodies of football, golf and rowing have seen their funding cut after an announcement from Sport England.

Rowing was among six sports whose governing body has had its funding cut Credit: PA Archive/Press Association Images

The Football Association was the biggest loser, with its fund reduced by £1.6m.

Sport England said the move was because each sport had 'seen the number of people who play their sport regularly fall'.

They added that the sports' authorities needed to make 'significant' changes to attract more participants.

The money taken away from the governing bodies will still be invested in the same sports through bodies like local authorities and charities.

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