4.5m homes 'facing fuel poverty'

Around 4.5 million homes struggle to pay their fuel bills and need more help from the Government, according to a report. The UK Fuel Poverty Monitor said energy efficiency programmes had not helped enough low income families in England.

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Govt 'doing everything' it can to tackle fuel poverty

The Government is "doing everything within its power" to combat fuel poverty, according to a spokesperson for the department of Energy and Climate Change

The spokesman claimed the Energy Companies Obligation scheme, extra funds for energy efficiency programmes and the winter fuel allowance would help those who could not afford to heat their homes.

The Government is doing everything within its power to help hard-pressed families keep their energy bills down.

In December, we announced plans that will save customers around £50 on their energy bills, protecting support through the Energy Companies Obligation scheme for vulnerable households, extending the scheme for an extra two years and making an additional £450 million available to make Britain's homes more energy efficient.

– A Department of Energy and Climate Change spokesman

'Invest in old and cold housing' to combat fuel poverty

The Government needs to make fuel efficiency programmes more widely available if it is to tackle fuel poverty, according to experts.

National Energy Action (NEA) chief executive Jenny Saunders called on the Coalition to "invest in old and cold housing":

4.5 million UK households are living in fuel poverty - on low incomes and with unaffordable energy bills.

The only sustainable way to tackle this problem is to invest in our old and cold housing stock.

In England, only £3.52 in Government funding is available per domestic electricity consumer to improve domestic energy efficiency compared to an average spend of £31.78 in the other nations.

Additional resources must be made available to improve the heating and insulation of our poorest households.

– Jenny Saunders


4.5m 'living in fuel poverty' in UK warn experts

An estimated 4.5 million UK homes are living in fuel poverty and the Government is not doing enough to tackle the crisis, according to a report.

National Energy Action called on the Government to do more to make energy efficiency programmes available to the poorest households. Credit: PA

The UK Fuel Poverty Monitor (FPM) those living in Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland were more likely to struggle with fuel poverty but they also had greater access to energy efficiency measures.

The average investment on energy efficiency programmes for low income households in England was just £3.52 per electricity customer, compared to £36.48 in Scotland, £31.31 in Wales and £27.55 in Northern Ireland, the report stated.

Homes eligible for assistance with insulation and other energy saving costs were not receiving it because the measures were too costly or potential customers were being asked for a contribution they could not afford, FPM said.

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