Evacuation ordered after latest Chile earthquake

Chile's emergency office has ordered the preventative evacuation of northern coastal areas after a 7.4 magnitude earthquake. There have been around 30 earthquakes and severe aftershocks off the coast of Chile in the past 24 hours.

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Residents assess damage following Chile aftershock

Residents on Chile's northern coast spent a second sleepless night outside their homes after a major aftershock rattled an area hit a day earlier by a magnitude-8.2 earthquake that caused six deaths.

State television said the aftershock caused some landslides near Alto Hospicio, a poor area in the hills above Iquique where about 2,500 homes were damaged by the first earthquake.

Fishermen try to salvage their boats in the aftermath of an earthquake and tsunami Credit: Reuters
A view of a damaged road to Alto Hospicio commune in Chile after an earthquake Credit: Reuters
A resident looks at debris around a home after an earthquake Credit: Reuters



Authorities declare state of emergency in Chile

Authorities in Chile have declared a state of emergency after a magnitude-8.2 earthquake claimed five lives off the country's north coast.

An 8.2 earthquake has struck off the coast of Credit: REUTERS/Cristian Vivero

The extent of damage has not yet been fully assessed, president Michelle Bachelet said, but she sent a military plane with 100 anti-riot police to join 300 soldiers deployed to prevent looting and round up escaped prisoners.

About 300 inmates escaped from a women's prison in the city of Iquique. In Arica, another city close to the quake's offshore epicentre, hospitals treated minor injuries, and some homes made of adobe were destroyed, authorities said.

Tsunami warning remains in place after Chile quake

A tsunami alert has been issued after a major earthquake of magnitude 8.2 struck off the coast of Chile.

An illustration of where the 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck in Chile. Credit: US Geographical Survey

This graphic from the US Geological Survey shows where the earthquake struck and at what depth. Five people are reported to have died in Chile following the quake.

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