Two fifths of teachers say CCTV 'used to judge staff'

Schools are using CCTV cameras designed to keep pupils safe to spy on teachers, a survey by the NASUWT teaching union claims.

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Teachers have 'less professional privacy than lab rats'

Teachers should not be subjected to the stress and pressure of being watched constantly, the NASUWT's general secretary said, after a new survey claimed that schools were using CCTV to monitor staff. Chris Keates said:

Teachers are already wrestling with excessive monitoring, masquerading as classroom observation, carried out by senior management and a host of other people regularly visiting their classrooms.

Now, in some schools, they are being subjected to permanent surveillance through CCTV cameras. Lab rats have more professional privacy.

Two fifths of teachers say CCTV 'used to judge staff'

Around one in 12 schools say they have CCTV in their classrooms, according to a NASUWT survey, which claimed that CCTV camera were being used to spy on teachers. Out of the 7,500 members questioned:

  • Two thirds (66%) say the cameras were introduced for pupil safety.
  • A further 58% say CCTV was brought in for the safety of staff.
  • Under a third (31%) said that the cameras are there to monitor pupil behaviour, with 15% saying that they are designed to help teachers' professional development.
  • Almost nine in ten (89%) said that they cannot switch the cameras off, with a similar proportion (87%) saying that the CCTV was constantly recording.
  • Around 17% said that they see the CCTV as there just to spy on teachers, with 31% arguing it is an invasion of their professional privacy.
  • Over half of teachers (55%) claim the recordings are monitored by their school leaders.
  • Two fifths (41%) saying the footage has been used to make judgments about staff.


NASUWT: Schools 'using CCTV to spy on teachers'

Schools are using CCTV cameras designed to keep pupils safe to spy on teachers, it has been claimed.

Teachers are being subjected to "permanent surveillance", with school leaders monitoring the footage and using it to make judgments about the performance of their staff, according to the NASUWT teaching union.

CCTV 'used to spy on teachers' Credit: PA

In many cases, teachers say they cannot turn off the cameras in their classroom, which are constantly recording lessons, a poll conducted by the union found.

The survey comes as delegates attending the NASUWT's annual conference in Birmingham debate a resolution warning that monitoring of teachers is becoming excessive.

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