William Vahey: At least 60 victims of paedophile teacher

Police believe they have indentified images of at least 60 victims of paedophile teacher William Vahey at the London school he taught at.

All are boys aged between 11 and 16 at the time alleged images were taken.

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'Hundreds' contact FBI about Vahey child abuse case

Paedophile teacher William Vahey. Credit: PA

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has said that hundreds of people have contacted its agents about paedophile teacher William Vahey, who is suspected of drugging and molesting boys over a forty-year period, the Associated Press has reported.

The US Bureau has said that it has now "been contacted by several hundred individuals from around the globe."

Vahey killed himself at age 64 after evidence of child molestation was found on one of his memory drives.

Laptop and memory sticks seized in Vahey raid

Police recovered 11 memory sticks and a laptop in a raid of paedophile teacher William Vahey's home, but have as yet found no further victims of abuse.

The Metropolitan Police said: "All items remain subject to examination, however at this time no further victims have been identified.

"The MPS has no record of having received any previous allegations against Vahey."


Parents ask not to be informed of Vahey abuse

William Vahey is thought to have abused children in several countries. Credit: AP

Several families have told police that they do not wish to be informed of details surrounding potential sexual abuse of their children at a London school between 2009 and 2013.

The Metropolitan Police has identified images of suspected abuse against at least 60 boys aged between 11 and 16 from the period paedophile teacher William Vahey taught at Southbank International School.

Commander Graham McNulty, Specialist Crime Investigations, said: "A significant number of parents have indicated that they do not wish to be informed of any details pertaining to possible offences against their children.

"We respect this position and the dilemma that parents face. We are therefore currently considering differing options which would allow us to account for the wishes of all parents whilst ensuring we fulfil our responsibilities to support victims of crime."

Paedophile teacher had at least 60 victims

Police believe there were at least 60 victims of paedophile teacher William Vahey at the London school he taught at, ITV News' UK Editor Lucy Manning reports.

Police said they are investigating incidents from between 2009 and 2013, when Mr Vahey worked at Southbank International School.

Parents meeting to be held to discuss Vahey abuse

Parents of children at a school where convicted paedophile William Vahey taught are to have the opportunity to express concerns to police.

The teacher, who is believed to have also abused children schools around the world, killed himself two days after investigators filed a warrant to search a computer belonging to him.

Footage of William Vahey teaching in a classroom. Credit: ITV News

The school's chair of governors, Sir Chris Woodhead, said that there would be a meeting for parents on Monday. He would not say where and when it would take place.

"It is being held so parents can express their concerns and have their say," he said.

"We expect that police will attend, and staff from Westminster child protection, and the NSPCC.

"The main anxiety of parents is predictable, they want information as soon as possible about whether there are images of their children discovered on Vahey's computer."

Ex-student: I was out of it when Vahey took me to hotel

A former pupil of London's Southbank International School said that he was "most likely" a victim of paedophile teacher William Vahey, who admitted to drugging male pupils before sexually abused them on school trips.

American William Vahey, 64, worked at Southbank International School in London from 2009 to last year Credit: AP

Vahey, 64, committed suicide last month and the FBI has warned that because of the methods he used, pupils may not be aware they were victims.

The boy sat alongside his mother as he told The Guardian about a school trip he went on with Vahey, during which he began to feel sick after dinner.

"I was drifting in and out of sleep," he said. "I told one of the chaperones and it was decided Mr Vahey was going to bring me back to the hotel."

"He took me to my room," said the boy, who has not been named. "As he was taking me to bed he asked me: 'What are you going to wear to bed?' I found the question and his manner to be very odd. I remember being completely out of it."

The boy's mother added: "We feel a lot of rage and we feel betrayed by the school."

An investigation into the teacher uncovered up to 60 images of students at the prestigious school on his computer.


Footage shows paedophile Vahey in the classroom

ITV News has obtained footage of paeadophile William Vahey teaching in a classroom.

An FBI investigation into the teacher has uncovered up to sixty images of students at the Southbank International School in London on his computer.

It is believed the 64-year-old preyed on scores of boys during his teaching career across the world before his suicide.

ITV News Correspondent Nina Nannar reports:

William Vahey 'groomed children and us as parents'

Caroline Corey's son and daughter were pupils at an international school in Venezuela and were taught by paedophile William Vahey.

Neither were victims, but it is believed Vahey had scores of victims across the world.

Ms Corey told ITV News: "This man, who was a friend from to me, not only groomed our children but he groomed us as parents to trust him...It really is devastating."

Vahey pupil: I can't believe he got away with it for so long

Natalie Salmon was a student at a Venezuelan school where paedophile William Vahey was a teacher.

She told ITV News it is "really scary" that some of Vahey's victims may not know they had been assaulted, as they may have been drugged at the time.

She added she "can't believe" the teacher "got away" with his campaign of abuse for so long.

Vahey, who died in an apparent suicide, had been a teacher at several international schools across the world. The Southbank International School in London has confirmed that images of between 50 and 60 of its students were found on Vahey's computer.

Vahey was convicted over a child sex offence in California in 1969 but appears to have failed to sign the sexual offenders' register, which allowed him to slip through the net and go on to work in several schools.

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