85% of businesses outside Scotland 'want it to stay in UK'

The majority of businesses outside Scotland want it to remain in the UK, according to a survey by the British Chambers of Commerce. Some 85% of their 2,400 members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland thought Scotland should stay in the union.

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SNP: Westminster 'slashing £4bn of Scotland's budget'

Staying in the UK would mean further cuts to Scotland's budget, hindering business by taking away valuable public services they rely on, a leading SNP MP claims.

On top of unprecedented cuts we've already seen, senior figures at Westminster are committed to slashing another £4 billion from Scotland's public services - and this survey finds that businesses outside Scotland would pile further pressure onto the UK Government to do this.

Businesses also stated that the referendum debate has had no impact on their business decisions - this blows away No camp attempts to scaremonger to the contrary.

The biggest threat to UK business is Westminster's obsession with a referendum on EU membership that could see us ripped out of the European Union.

– Stewart Hosie

Business 'less than captivated' by Scottish indy ref

Most businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland are "less than captivated" by the independence debate, but would want to continue trading if Scotland votes yes on September 18, the BCC has said.

Director general John Longworth explained:

Businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland remain less than captivated by the intense debate unfolding north of the border.

Yet they do have views on the potential impacts of a change in Scotland's relationship with the rest of the UK.

In the event of a Yes vote, cross-border trading and currency arrangements loom large in businesses' thinking.

If Scotland votes No, constitutional questions remain around the devolution of power and the distribution of public funding between nations.

– John Longworth


85% of businesses outside Scotland 'want it in UK'

The overwhelming majority of businesses in England, Wales and Northern Ireland want Scotland to vote against independence in this September's referendum, the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) have found.

Scotland will go to the polls on September 18 to decide if it wants to be an independent nation or not. Credit: PA

In a poll of almost 2,400 BCC members in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 85% said they thought Scotland should stay part of the UK and 11% said Scotland should become an independent country.

However, over a third of businesses (35%) said a formal currency union would be in the best interests of the UK if Scotland became an independent nation.

Another 28% wanted to see Scotland create its own currency and 18% said it should join the Euro if it votes for independence on September 18.

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