FA plan to introduce B teams and new League Three

Football Association chairman Greg Dyke has set out proposals to help the England team including the introduction of B teams in a new 'League Three', overhauling the work permit system and increasing the number of home-grown players in squads.

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Wenger: League shake-up plans 'do not make sense'

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger said an FA proposal to create a new league that gives young English players more competitive playing time "does not make sense".

The Frenchman believes greater technical education of young players, rather than simply playing more matches, is key to the development of English football.

Arsene Wenger has raised concerns about FA plans to improve the England team. Credit: PA

"The time the kids spend on the pitch from the age of eight to 17 in training is too short. The time they spend in competition is too big, so to add more competition does not make sense," said Wenger.

"The sense is made by reducing the competition time and increasing the time in training. I have seen too many kids come to the age of 17 or 18 and they cannot head the ball, they have no left foot because they have not practised enough."

Under FA chairman Greg Dyke's proposals, the top clubs would field B teams in the lower divisions to give their youngsters more opportunities to play.

England boss Hodgson welcomes league overhaul

England manager Roy Hodgson has backed FA chairman Greg Dyke's plan to change the structure of English football by introducing B teams and a new division between the Conference and League Two.

I welcome the proposals and I know that the chairman - and indeed everyone who is passionate about English football - would strongly advocate the findings and recommendations.

We all have a responsibility when called to answer the question, 'how can we provide a better platform for the young England players of the future?'

– Roy Hodgson


Football fans react angrily to League 3 proposal

The FA's proposal to overhaul English football with a new 'League 3' has been widely criticised on Twitter, with many fans warning that it would be detrimental to lower league clubs.

FA wants introduction of B teams to help England

The Football Association's chairman Greg Dyke has presented the findings of his England Commission report, which was set-up to look at ways of improving the national team's fortunes.

The major points in the report were:

  • The much reported B team concept is accurate with a separate league (League 3) between League 2 and the Conference.
  • Premier League clubs would be given the option to enter League 3 or the Conference. They could not be promoted beyond League 1.
  • This new league 3 would consist of the top 10 conference teams and perhaps 10 Premier League B teams.

The other major issue is home grown players and the number of mediocre non-EU players who are granted work permits even though current regulations are supposed to bar all but the exceptionally talented.

  • The FA believes that no non-EU players should be allowed to join any club outside the Premier League.
  • They are in favour of introducing a cap of two non-EU players in any Premier League squad.
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