State of emergency declared in San Diego after wild fires

Wild fires have forced authorities to declare a state of emergency in the Californian city of San Diego.

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'Fire-nados' blaze across US in searing hot heat

A mix of tornado winds are fire burning out of control in southern California has given rise to phenomenon US media outlets have dubbed 'fire-nados'.

One blaze, in the city of San Marcos, has burned over 700 acres and is being made worse by high temperatures.

Firefighters are gaining ground on a number of other fires in the region. A total of nine different blazes are forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands of people as the air quality drops due to the smoke wafting over the area.


State of emergency declared in San Diego

Authorities have been forced to declare a state of emergency in San Diego after wild fires ripped through the surrounding countryside.

The destructive cluster of fires comes as California enters its peak fire season in the midst of its worst drought in decades. Credit: Reuters

A wall of flames dozens of feet high has advanced towards an upscale hillside community near San Diego, threatening to destroy up-market homes, along with eight other wild fires threatening the Californian city.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer praised the "extraordinary acts of bravery" by those battling the blazes. Credit: Reuters

The nine blazes raging round San Diego have destroyed more than 10,000 acres, and evacuation notices have been sent to areas that are home to 125,000 residents since the first blaze broke out on Tuesday, county officials said.

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