Putin attacks Prince Charles over 'Hitler comments'

Russian president Vladimir Putin has described the Prince of Wales's reported comparison of him with Adolf Hitler as "unacceptable" and said such remarks were "not what monarchs do".

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Prince Charles 'avoids question' on Putin Hitler remark

The Prince of Wales has appeared to ignore a question on recent reported comments comparing Russian president Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler.

A reporter asked: "What do you make of Mr Putin's comments about you today?" A spokeswoman for the Prince of Wales declined to comment on Mr Putin's criticism.


Putin sends message to 'man of manners' Charles

Vladimir Putin described Prince Charles' reported comments as "unacceptable". Credit: RTV

Vladimir Putin sent a direct personal message to Prince Charles when questioned today over the future King's reported comparison of him to Adolf Hitler.

The Russian President said: "Give my words to Prince Charles. He has been to our country more than once - if he made such a comparison, it is unacceptable and I am sure he understands that as a man of manners."

Mr Putin said: "It reminds me of a good proverb: 'You are angry. That means you are wrong."'

Putin comments do not 'reflect well' on Prince Charles

If the allegations that Prince Charles compared President Vladimir Putin to Hitler are true, they don't "reflect well" on the future King a Russian Foreign Officer spokesman has said.

"If these words were truly spoken, then without doubt, they do not reflect well on the future British monarch," Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman told a news conference

"We view the use of the Western press by members of the British royal family to spread the propaganda campaign against Russia on a pressing issue - that is, the situation in Ukraine - as unacceptable, outrageous and low." The spokesman added.


Diplomats to discuss Prince Charles-Putin row

Attempts to calm a potential diplomatic row over the Prince of Wales's comparison of Russian president Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler will continue today when the Foreign Office meets with the Russian deputy ambassador later today.

Russia's deputy ambassador is expected to meet a senior Foreign Office official to discuss the reported comments on the Ukraine crisis made during a private conversation with a member of the public during a royal tour of Canada.

Charles aims paper plane at assembled media in Canada

The Prince of Wales appeared to brush off the controversy surrounding his remarks in which he reportedly compared Russian leader Vladimir Putin with Adolf Hitler, and playfully threw a paper plane at assembled media crowds in Winnipeg, Manitoba last night.

Charles appeared in good spirits when he arrived at Stevenson Hangar in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with the Duchess of Cornwall and smiled as they were greeted by dozens of local students.

Charles and Camilla were given the chance to test the flight of their own paper planes by throwing them at a target, which was positioned next to number of photographers gathered to take their picture. He appeared to celebrate with a triumphant "yes" when he hit one of the cameramen.

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