Parents 'under pressure' to explain relationships to children

Parents feel pressurised to explain sex and relationships to their children at an increasingly younger age, research has shown. A survey by for AVG Technology has found parents explaining adult relationships to seven-year-olds.

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70% of children given facts of life 'by age 11'

Seven out of 10 British children have had a frank discussion with their parents by the age of 11, a survey has found.

The AVG Technology survey found:

  • The conversation consists of sex, puberty and pornography.
  • Most parents plan to have the chat about adult topics including pornography, sex and puberty by the time their kids are 10-years-old.
  • Some 42% of parents did not have the same discussion with their mum and dad.
  • But 97% said they plan to have it with their kids.


Parents 'under pressure' to explain relationships

Parents feel increasingly under pressure to explain the finer points of adult relationships to their children, research has shown.

The internet was behind many parents' decision to explain the facts of life to their children at a young age. Credit: PA

A survey from AVG Technology found parents were explaining sex and relationships to their children when they were still in primary school, with some as young as seven.

The overwhelming majority (78%) said they felt obliged to have this conversation with their children when they were so young because of what they may be exposed to on the internet.

Most parents confessed to having the facts of life chat with their child a full five years before their mum and dad had filled them in.

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