Clegg pledges qualified teachers in move away from free schools

The Liberal Democrats want more qualified teachers following a core curriculum if they retain power after 2015, Nick Clegg announced. Trying to separate his party from the Conservatives, Clegg said pupils and parents deserved "basic safeguards".

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Nick Clegg: Access to qualified teacher 'a basic right'

Children have "a basic right" to a qualified teacher and core curriculum, even if they are attending a free school or academy, according to the Deputy Prime Minister.

Nick Clegg said the Liberal Democrats wanted more qualified teachers in free schools and academies.

Liberal Democrats want more teachers and schools to enjoy freedom from Whitehall diktats.

But that does not mean parents and children should not have some basic safeguards.

There is no reason why a child attending an academy or free school should not enjoy the same basic right to be taught by a qualified teacher or to follow a core curriculum as any other child.

These changes will guarantee parents that, whichever school their child attends; they will enjoy a world-class education that will help them fulfil their potential.

– Nick Clegg


Lib Dems pledge more qualified teachers after 2015

Nick Clegg will insist on more qualified teachers leading their classroom using a core curriculum in the Liberal Democrat's manifesto for the 2015 general election, it has emerged.

Teachers will be subject to stricter learning criteria, if the Lib Dems remain in power. Credit: PA

In a clear move away from the policy of their coalition partners, the Conservatives, the Liberal Democrats will move further left by campaigning for schools run by Local Education Authorities.

Free schools and academies follow some rules, such as being not-for-profit, complying with Ofsted inspections and employing a qualified special needs coordinator.

However, teachers do not need a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and they largely set their own curriculum.

The Deputy Prime Minister pointed to the row over "Trojan Horse" extremist schools still raging, which Lib Dems say show how easy it is form head teachers and governors to ditch subjects they do not approve of.

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