William Hague condemn's Russia over Ukraine tanks move

William Hague has condemned the "completely unacceptable" sight of tanks entering eastern Ukraine from Russia.

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Hague condemns 'unacceptable' Russian tanks move

William Hague has described tanks entering eastern Ukraine from Russia as "completely unacceptable."

William Hague has described tanks entering eastern Ukraine from Russia as 'completely unacceptable.' Credit: Reuters

The Foreign Secretary renewed calls on Moscow to act to "defuse tensions" or face further sanctions.

"The entry into the sovereign territory of Ukraine of three Russian tanks is completely unacceptable," Mr Hague said last night.

"Russia needs to commit to defusing tension. This means securing borders, withdrawing all military forces, and preventing further violence in eastern Ukraine.

"I urge the Russian leadership to work with President Poroshenko to restore stability and to regain the trust of the international community.

"The Russian leadership should be clear that the international community stands ready to impose further sanctions if Moscow continues to provoke instability and does nothing to stop further violence."

Pro-Russian rebel leaders have declined to say where they obtained the tanks, which were part of a column of armoured vehicles that crossed the border on Thursday.

Russian tanks accused of crossing Ukrainian border

Ukraine has accused Russia of bringing three tanks into the east of the country to fight the Ukrainian army.

An armed pro-Russian separatist looks on at a town center in Snizhnye in eastern Ukraine, yesterday. Credit: Reuters

Interior Minister Arseny Avakov suggested separatist rebels had brought three tanks and other military vehicles across the border.

While he did not directly accuse Russia of sending the tanks, he made clear he held President Vladimir Putin responsible for failing to carry out a promise to tighten controls at the border.


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