Online retailer Amazon unveils new Fire smartphone

Online retailer Amazon has unveiled its first smartphone, the Fire. The new device was announced by the company's CEO Jeff Bezos at an event in Seattle.

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Bloggers: Amazon investors 'like what they see so far'

Tech bloggers have given their verdict on Amazon's new fire smartphone using Twitter:

Amazon's Fire phone could be on sale in UK this year

The phone tracks user's head movements to create a moving 3D display Credit: Amazon

Amazon's highly-anticipated new smartphone featuring a 3D display screen could be on sale in the UK within months.

The Fire phone will initially only be on sale in the US, a press conference has heard.

Although Amazon has not yet confirmed a release date for the UK, experts predict it will be on sale this year outside the US.

The release is a key move into the crowded and highly competitive smartphone market for the online retailer.


Amazon's Fire phone 'could whip crown from Apple'

Online retailer Amazon is aiming to "whip the crown from Apple" with the launch of its first ever smartphone, the company's CEO has said.

Jeff Bezos unveiled the heavily-anticipated phone, which measures in at 4.7 inches and will retail for $200 (£120).

"It's time to whip the crown from Apple," he said as he showed off the mobile, which is the latest addition to the retailing giant's Fire-branded line of tablets and streaming devices.

Amazon unveils its first 'Fire' smartphone

Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos unveils the Fire Phone at a news conference in Seattle Credit: REUTERS/Jason Redmond

Amazon has unveiled its first ever smartphone, which comes equipped with a 3D screen and the ability to recognise millions of songs, films and books.

The web retailer's Fire Phone uses four cameras to track the user's head movements and create the perception of 3D, a packed press conference in Seattle heard.

It will also come with a new app called Firefly, which the company said takes in details from the camera and microphone to recognise and identify objects including books, films, TV shows and music, and then search for them on Amazon.

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