Grass fire warning ahead of firefighter strike

Firefighters have warned of the danger of grass fires as they are on the brink of more industrial action in a dispute over pensions. Fire chiefs have urged the public to be extra vigilant, but will walk out for seven hours from 10am tomorrow.

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Very important smokers 'dispose of cigarettes properly'

It is very important smokers "dispose of their cigarettes properly" this weekend during a seven hour walk-out by firefighters, the head of London fire brigade has warned.

The capital's fire commissioner, Ron Dobson, said his firefighters would not attend grass fires during the strike unless there was an imminent threat to someone's life or property:

A small spark from a cigarette is often all it takes to start a grass fire in these dry conditions so it really is important that smokers dispose of their cigarettes properly.

Drivers also need to take care not to throw cigarettes out of car windows as they can easily burn grass verges.

People barbecuing on open land should also make sure that they extinguish them properly when finished with.

There is contingency cover during the strike but it isn't a replacement for a normal service.

– Ron Dobson

Fire chiefs warn over grass fires ahead of walk-out

Fire chiefs have warned of the risks of grass fires ahead of further industrial action in a long-running dispute with the Government over pensions.

Firefighters have urged the public to be extra careful when extinguishing cigarettes. Credit: PA

The public need to be extra vigilant and avoid flicking cigarettes onto dried grass land, which is more likely to be arid because of the recent hot weather.

Members of the Fire Brigades Union in England and Wales will walk out for seven hours from 10am tomorrow in protest at controversial changes to their pensions and retirement age.

The London fire brigade has already said it will not put not grass fires during the walk-out unless there is an immediate risk to life or property.


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