Police clash with Hong Kong democracy protestors

Hong Kong police have forcibly removed protestors kicking and screaming from the city's central business district, Reuters reports.

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Police forcibly remove Hong Kong protestors

Hong Kong police have removed protestors kicking and screaming from the city's central business district, Reuters reports.

A protestor is carried away by police in Hong Kong. Credit: Reuters

The protestors had staged an overnight sit-in to follow up yesterday's massive pro-democracy demonstrations, which organisers say attracted over 500,000 people.

A man struggles as police try to remove him. Credit: Reuters

The demonstrators, who numbered roughly 1,000, linked arms to resist efforts to remove them, before police resorted to taking them away one by one.

Hong Kong protesters demand free elections

Protesters in Hong Kong today called for greater democracy in elections for the city's leader, or chief executive, which is due to take place in three years' time.

Roads were closed off around Victoria Park, named after the former British queen. Credit: ITV News

Chinese authorities are keen to ensure that only pro-Beijing candidates make it on to the 2017 ballot.

Demonstrators marched to the central business district surrounded by police. Credit: ITV News


Tensions flare as thousands take to Hong Kong streets

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters have taken to the streets of Hong Kong with many calling for the city's leader Leung Chun-ying to be sacked.

Activists want the nomination process for Hong Kong's next leader to be open to all. Credit: Reuters

Tensions flared as activists burned a copy of a "white paper" released by Beijing last month that reasserted the central government's authority over the former British colony. The group also burned a portrait of Leung.

Aerial shots showed many main streets packed with marchers. Credit: Reuters

Organisers of the annual July 1 rally, marking the day the territory returned to China in 1997, are expecting the largest turnout since 2003, when half a million people demonstrated against proposed anti-subversion laws which were later scrapped.

Hong Kong protesters gather for democracy march

Half a million people are expected to join a pro-democracy march in Hong Kong today in protest at the Chinese government.

Activists in the former British colony are demanding greater democratic rights. Credit: ITV News

The dispute intensified in recent days after almost 800,000 people voted in an unofficial referendum on Hong Kong's political future, much to the chagrin of the Beijing authorities.

The July 1 rally marks the anniversary of Hong Kong's return to Chinese control in 1997. Credit: ITV News
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