Range of new employer-designed apprenticeships to be announced

A range of new, employer-designed apprenticeships will be announced today.

Based on new standards, the 40 apprenticeships are across a broad range of industries including dentistry and journalism.

The Government hopes reforms aimed at making apprenticeships "world class" will help school-leavers to see a high-level apprenticeship as an equally valid choice as a university degree.

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New 'world class' apprenticeships launched

Roles include land-based service engineer, senior culinary chef, solicitor and a dental practice manager. Credit: PA

A range of new "world class" apprenticeships in sectors including hospitality and the legal profession will be announced today.

The 40 apprenticeships are based on new standards and assessment approaches, designed by employers.

Companies involved include Google, Sky and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

The Government hopes these reforms will make participants more employable, and give high-level apprenticeships the same status as university degrees.


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