Yes and No campaigns battle it out in third Soctland debate

Leading figures from Yes Scotland and Better Together are taking part in a 'Town Hall' style debate in Edinburgh this evening. It comes as the latest polls show a gap of just 6% between the Yes and No vote.

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Yes Scotland: Tory MPs - 1, Job-creating powers - 0

The final part of the debate gives the audience a chance to ask questions on a wide array of subjects.

The two teams are arguing about the chances of more devolved powers for the Scottish Parliament in a United Kingdom.

The Yes Scotland campaign is circulating this banner:

Davidson: SNP's plans are no way to defend a nation

Ruth Davidson speaks passionately about her pride for British troops "shouldering its burden in the world".

She claims an independent Scotland would have only around 800 troops at its disposal at any one time.

Participants clash over possible job losses at Faslane

The debate has turned to the familiar issue of the Trident nuclear deterrent, which is based at Faslane Navy base on the Clyde.

A Royal Navy submarine, similar to the type used to carry Britain's nuclear warheads, docked at Faslane Navy base on the Clyde. Credit: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

"Trident is probably the least efficient job creation scheme you can imagine," says Patrick Harvie. "Getting rid of Trident will not close the base, it will continue to have a non-nuclear function, but the opportunity to re-invest in the really socially useful things that we do need," he says.

Ruth Davidson replies: "Faslane is the biggest single-site employer in Scotland and if you go and speak to people in Helensburgh and surrounding areas, they don't want the [nuclear warhead bearing] submarines to go".


Campaigners clash over best way to get rid of nukes

The penultimate part of the debate is about international affairs.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson argues that the best way of reducing the number of nuclear weapons in the UK and around the world is to work with other countries towards this goal.

Scottish Greens co-convener Patrick Harvie says that Scotland is committing to "unilateral rearmament" and a future of "psychopathic weapons" if it remains part of the UK.

Westminster wants Scots to 'get to back of the bus'

Scottish Independence Convention chair Elaine C Smith and Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale are clashing passionately about whether social injustice could best be tackled under an independent Scotland.

Elaine C Smith (L) and Kezia Dugdale battle it out

"We're supposed to vote Labour, get to the back of the bus and shut up," Smith says, arguing that Scots would benefit from having the centre of power closer to home.

She is calling for a written constitution to enshrine rights for women and children.

Passionate participants debate issue of child poverty

The topic now moves on to welfare and social justice, which pits the pro-independence actress Elaine C Smith against the Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale.

Both make a passionate case, with Dugdale arguing that "child poverty has gone down under Labour, it's only gone up under the SNP".

Smith admits "we won't disagree on very much" regarding the importance of child poverty, but says that "Westminster has had 50 years or more of my lifetime to make a difference". She argues that Scotland needs to have full control over the levers of power to turn the statistics around.

Yes and No camps disagree about Barnett Formula

The Yes and No camps seem to be in disagreement over whether the Barnett Formula would leave Scotland better or worse off if it remained in the UK.

But the political editor for Scotland's Sunday Herald argues there would be no change.

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