Corbyn: May's plan threatens 'a bargain basement Brexit'

Jeremy Corbyn has urged Theresa May to "stop her threat of a bargain basement Brexit" during exchanges at Prime Minister's Questions.

The Labour leader also criticised Mrs May for delivering her key Brexit speech away from the Commons, labeling her "not so much the Iron Lady as the Irony Lady" for "sidelining Parliament" while claiming to restore parliamentary democracy.

Mrs May accused Mr Corbyn of "not having a clue" over Brexit as she faced pressure to reveal if Britain will pay for single market access.

The prime minister refused to be drawn on whether payments would be required after the UK withdraws from the bloc despite the Labour leader repeatedly raising the issue.

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Malta PM: 'Post-Brexit trade deal must be inferior'

Joseph Muscat is Malta's Prime Minister Credit: PA

A post-Brexit trade deal between Britain and the EU must be inferior to full membership of the bloc, according to Malta's Prime Minister.

On Tuesday, Theresa May announced her intention to withdraw the UK from the single market as part of her "bold and ambitious" Brexit plans.

Speaking at the European Parliament the following day, Malta PM Joseph Muscat said: "We want a fair deal for the United Kingdom, but that deal necessarily needs to be inferior to membership."

He added: "Thinking it can be otherwise would indicate a detachment from reality."

Juncker: 'I will seek a balanced deal for Britain' over Brexit

Credit: PA

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker says he will seek a balanced deal for both Britain and the European Union during Brexit negotiations.

"I will do everything so that this negotiation ends with a balanced solution while fully respecting our rules," Juncker told the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Later today Theresa May will face a grilling by MPs over her Brexit plans when she appears in the Commons for Prime Minister's Questions.


FTSE 100 loses ground after May's Brexit speech

The pound and the the FTSE 100 movement since the referendum Credit: PA/Bloomberg

The FTSE 100 lost ground as the pound surged after Theresa May's speech on Brexit.

The FTSE 100 index was down 106.75 points, closing at 7220.38 - 1.46% lower - as traders processed details of Theresa May's speech.

This marked its steepest fall since June 27 last year, when it fell 2.55%.

Lord Lamont: Time for people to back May on Brexit

Lord Lamont has called on people to back Theresa May on Brexit Credit: PA

Former chancellor Lord Lamont praised Theresa May's Brexit speech, saying the prime minister has given "all the detail that could reasonably be expected".

He added that it is time for everyone to "back the prime minister's efforts."

Speaking to the Press Association, Lord Lamont said: "The Prime Minister has given a firm lead and a clear vision. She has given all the detail that could reasonably be expected.

"Carping or calling for yet more detail will merely undermine Britain's negotiating position. It is time for everyone to back the Prime Minister's efforts."

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