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Vladimir Putin says the internet is a 'CIA project'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned Ukraine against using the army on its own population Credit: Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin has derided the internet as a Central Intelligence Agency project and has pledged to protect Russia's interests online.

According to the Associated Press, Putin mocked the World Wide Web at a media forum in St. Petersburg, claiming that it was "originally a CIA project" and is "still developing as such".

The Kremlin has long sought greater controls over the internet as many opposition activists, who are banned from state media, use the medium to promote their views and organise protests.

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Twitter starts rolling out the new-look profile

Twitter has begun rolling out the new-look profile for its users.

Twitter enthusiasts can now add a header picture to their profile, pin tweets to the top of their feed and filter how they want to view posts on other people's timelines.

Twitter has begun rolling out the new look profile.
Twitter has begun rolling out the new look profile. Credit: Twitter

"Your Twitter profile shows the world who you are. We look forward to seeing what that means to you!" the company said in a blog post.

Click here to find out how to update your profile.

Facebook reports surging revenue and profit

Facebook saw a 21% increase in daily active users on the previous year. Credit: Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Social network giant Facebook has reported an increase in revenue and profit despite recent acquisitions, the company's quarterly figures show tonight.

According to figures released by the social network, which was founded in 2004, revenue was up by more than 70% compared to the same quarter of 2013.

The technology firm reported revenue of $2.5 billion (£1.4bn), compared with $1.46 billion (£834m) in the same quarter last year.

The social network also recorded a profit of $642 million (£383m), as well as an increase in the number of daily active users of the service, up 21% on 2013 at more than 800 million.


Asteroids 'causing nuclear-scale explosions above Earth'

Powerful asteroids hitting the Earth's atmosphere caused 26 nuclear-scale explosions between 2000 and 2013, including one that was much stronger than the atom bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, a report has found.

Artist's impression of the asteroid belt surrounding the star Vega, the second brightest star in the northern night sky Credit: PA/Nasa

The findings came from the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organisation, a global infrasound network that detects nuclear weapon detonations and recorded the impacts over 13 years.

Most explosions occurred too high in the atmosphere to cause any serious damage on Earth but "the only thing preventing a catastrophe from a ‘city-killer’-sized asteroid has been blind luck," said former astronaut Ed Lu as he revealed the data at the Museum of Flight in Seattle today, NBC reported.

Mr Lu added that while large asteroids have been detected, "less than 10,000 of the more than a million dangerous asteroids with the potential to destroy an entire major metropolitan area have been found."

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