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Abusive social media users could get 'internet Asbos'

Abusive social media users who persistently spread racial hatred online could be given "internet Asbos" blocking them from sites such as Twitter and Facebook under proposals to tackle rising levels of anti-Semitism.

Abusive Social media users could get 'internet Asbos'. Credit: PA

A group of MPs called on the Crown Prosecution Service to examine whether prevention orders similar to those which can be used to restrict sex offenders' online access could be applied to hate crimes. They could be imposed to bar "determined" perpetrators from social media, the All Party Parliamentary Inquiry Into anti-Semitism suggests.



Google to better inform users on personal information

Google agrees to better inform users over personal information. Credit: Google

Google has agreed to better inform users about how it handles their personal information after an investigation by Britain's data protection regulator found its privacy policy was too vague.

The Information Commissioner's Office said in a statement that it required the search engine to sign a "formal undertaking" that it would make the changes by June 30 and take further steps in the next two years.

The ICO investigation stems from a privacy policy implemented by Google in March 2012 that consolidated some 70 existing privacy policies into one and pooled data collected on individual users across its services, including YouTube, Gmail and its social network Google+.

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