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Victim left 'paranoid and scared' after acid attack

The victim left scarred for life after a friend threw acid on her has said she has gone from being a "confident" young woman to "paranoid and scared" following the attack.

In a statement read to Snaresbrook Crown Court by prosecutor Gareth Patterson, Naomi Oni she faced a "battle to get by each day" after being permanently disfigured.

The statement from Ms Oni added:

I'm reminded what I look like every day I look in the mirror or see the reaction on people's faces. The whole traumatic experience has changed my life.

I initially felt angry and hurt. All sorts of things kept going through my mind. I sometimes cry when I'm alone. At times I felt suicidal and thought about ending it all.

Ms Oni, a Victoria's Secret shop assistant, said her mother had kept her going but their relationship was sometimes "strained" after they had been forced to move into a hostel.She also said she regretted ever being friends with Mary Konye, who has been jailed for 12 years for the attack, saying:

It was bad enough believing it was a random attack. Knowing Mary planned this is beyond belief. I don't trust people in the same way any more.


Judge: 'Wicked' acid attack left victim 'devastated'

Naomi Oni was left scarred for life after the acid was thrown into her face Credit: Met Police

A woman jailed for throwing acid in the face of her friend intended to "burn and disfigure" the victim in a "callous" plan, a judge has said.

Mary Konye, 22, has been sentenced to 12 years in prison after attacking her friend Naomi Oni as she travelled home from work leaving her scarred for life.

Judge David Radford said the consequences of her "wicked act have been devastating to Miss Oni".

He added that it was a "premeditated and callous" plan.

Woman found guilty of throwing acid in friend's face

A young woman has been found guilty of throwing acid in the face of a friend while disguised in a Muslim veil. Mary Konye, 21, attacked Naomi Oni, in 2012 because she once called her ugly. In the weeks that followed, Konye pretended to give her victim a shoulder to cry on.

ITV News Correspondent Paul Davies reports:

Warning: This report contains images of the immediate aftermath of the acid attack.


Police: Acid attack resulted from 'trivial' argument

The Metropolitan Police has paid tribute to the bravery of acid attack victim Naomi Oni after her former friend was found guilty of the attack.

DCI Dave Whellams said Mary Konye, 21, carried out a "horrible offence which required a degree of planning and calculation" after what he described as a "trivial, insignificant argument".

Speaking outside London's Snaresbrook Crown Court, he said:

"The result today will give Naomi Oni some comfort but she's never going to be away from the fact that she's scarred. Everytime she looks in the mirror she's going to be reminded of the fact but it will enable her to start to get some closure."

Mary Konye will be sentenced for acid attack in March

Judge David Radford warned Mary Konye that she will face jail when he sentences her for carrying out an acid attack on Naomi Oni on March 7 after receiving reports.

Mary Konye is said to have remained calm as the jury returned their guilty verdict. Credit: Metropolitan Police

He said: "I should make clear that, in my judgment, this is a case that will, in all likelihood, need a substantial custodial sentence. It is inevitable, but it won't be dealt with until I have received those reports."

He went on to thank jurors for their efforts, saying they had looked at the evidence "with great thoroughness, taking your time to reach your verdict".

Ms Oni burst into tears as she left the courtroom and was hugged by family and friends.

CPS praise acid victim's 'courage and dignity'

The Crown Prosecution Service has issued the following statement after a woman was found guilty of an acid attack on Naomi Oni in December 2012.

The use of acid as a weapon is cruel and horrifying. It can have a devastating effect on victims and can cause long term pain and disfigurement as well as emotional and psychological harm.

The attack in the early hours of 30 December left Naomi with shocking injuries, including deep chemical burns to her face, neck, forearm and thigh.

[Mary] Konye has now been brought to justice and must face the full consequences of her appalling actions.

I would to like praise Naomi’s courage and dignity in giving evidence during this trial

– Baljit Ubhey, CPS London Chief Crown Prosecutor
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