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Victim left 'paranoid and scared' after acid attack

The victim left scarred for life after a friend threw acid on her has said she has gone from being a "confident" young woman to "paranoid and scared" following the attack.

In a statement read to Snaresbrook Crown Court by prosecutor Gareth Patterson, Naomi Oni she faced a "battle to get by each day" after being permanently disfigured.

The statement from Ms Oni added:

I'm reminded what I look like every day I look in the mirror or see the reaction on people's faces. The whole traumatic experience has changed my life.

I initially felt angry and hurt. All sorts of things kept going through my mind. I sometimes cry when I'm alone. At times I felt suicidal and thought about ending it all.

Ms Oni, a Victoria's Secret shop assistant, said her mother had kept her going but their relationship was sometimes "strained" after they had been forced to move into a hostel.She also said she regretted ever being friends with Mary Konye, who has been jailed for 12 years for the attack, saying:

It was bad enough believing it was a random attack. Knowing Mary planned this is beyond belief. I don't trust people in the same way any more.

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