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25% of gay men see sexuality as a 'barrier to adoption'

A children's charity is appealing to gay men who are interested in adoption as it released the results of a survey that showed a quarter mistakenly see their sexuality as a barrier to becoming parents.

A quarter of gay men see their sexuality as a barrier to becoming parents, Action for Children reveals today. Credit: PA

Action for Children said anyone who is interested in adopting should not let common myths put them off, as thousands of children are still seeking loving permanent homes.

The charity's poll of 235 gay men who have adopted or are going through the process, showed that 17% were told that they shouldn't become a parent - mostly by their own family.

Would-be adoptive dad explains 'simple' process

A man hoping to adopt for the first time along with his wife has explained the process to Daybreak.

Sam began the process of adoption at the beginning of this year and has already been through screening, preparation, and home visits.

He explained: "It has been made so much more simple. It has taken us from January 2 until today - and we've been to panel already."

He continued: "The social workers were excellent with us...really if you are thinking of doing it, please do it."


Govt pledges 'extra £50m' to improve adoption process

The Government has pledged an extra £50 million to help improve adoption services, the children's minister has announced.

Our new adoption leadership board will play an important role ensuring local authorities and adoption agencies stay on track and recruit more adopters - and a further £50 million for councils in 2014 will help them put the building blocks in place to implement our reforms.

– Children and Families Minister Edward Timpson

Govt: Use online adoption maps to speed up process

Parents looking for a child to adopt should use the online map. Credit: PA

The Government is urging more would-be adoptive parents to use their interactive online adoption maps to find suitable children to raise.

Children and Families Minister Edward Timpson said "promising progress" was being made towards improving adoption rates but significantly more remained to be done.

Information like the number of children waiting for adoption, approval rates and the time taken to complete the process are on the map.

Department for Education figures show a 34% increase in adopters and adoptions up by a record 15% following the implementation of reforms.

Prime Minister David Cameron has said the issue is a personal priority.

Parents describe joy of adopting a brother and sister

Liz and John are looking forward to their first Christmas with their two adopted children. Credit: DaybreakITV

Two new parents have told Daybreak of their joy at adopting siblings and the bond they have built with the young children.

Liz and John were speaking as children's charity Barnardo's launches a campaign to persuade more people to adopt siblings, as 50% of the children on the Adoption Register are immediately related.

Mum Liz dismissed concerns two children would be overwhelming for new parents, because if there was no previous parenting experience to compare it to, "how would you know any different?"

Dad John beamed as he spoke of the thought of his first Christmas with his children:

"We have always really wanted to have two children. Unfortunately we cannot have children naturally. When we started out with the adoption process, we always said we wanted two children.

"That's what we aim for, and that is what we got."


15% gap in siblings up for adoption and willing parents

More parents willing to adopt siblings are being urged to come forward by children's charity Barnado's, who fear some children are being overlooked because adults are only willing to take on one child.

More parents willing take on siblings are needed, say Barnado's. Credit: PA

The number of children in the care system has risen for the 7th year in a row to 90,000.This is compounded by the number of sibling groups on the Adoption Register - 50% - compared to the 35% of adults willing to consider them.

Barnardo's make this plea on the day the charity's patron the Queen and president,the Duchess of Cornwall will officially open Barnardo's new Barkingside headquarters.

Forced caesarean mother is 'suffering like an animal'

An Italian woman whose daughter will be adopted in the UK after a court ordered caesarian saw her give birth in this country has spoken about how she is, "suffering like an animal."

The woman told Italian newspaper La Repubblica:

I want my daughter back, I’m suffering like an animal. They forced me to have a caesarean without telling me anything. The day of the birth, I thought they were just moving me from one room to another, while I was saying I wanted to go back to Italy. I was sedated. When I woke up she wasn’t there any more. They’d taken her from me.

It was a caesarean birth which was forced upon me, I wasn’t even told.

I did not give my consent, verbal or written, to the adoption of my child. The natural father, who is from Senegal, and one of my American relatives were prepared to take the little one into their care. But the English social services ignored them. Why? Why did nobody help me?

Lawyer: Adoption judgement is 'inexplicable'

The Italian lawyer of a woman whose baby was delivered by a court ordered caesarean section has said that the English rulings over the child's future are "contradictory" and "inexplicable."

Stefano Oliva says the judgement which agreed to have the girl adopted was 'inexplicable.' Credit: ITV News

Speaking about a judgment which agreed to have the baby girl adopted in the UK Stefano Oliva told ITV News: "I've been able to read the judge's decision and it's completely contradictory in its motivations.

It says the mother was well in her health, that she strongly desired to live with her baby, that she really wanted to go back to Italy… it's positive about her family, the relationship between mother and daughter - but inexplicably it concludes with the adoption order."

Judge hopes forced caesarean mum meets new parents

A judgement that ruled a child delivered by caesarean following a court order should remain in care, has been made public.

Judge Newton, sitting at Chelmsford County Court, said in the ruling he hoped the mother - who was mentally-ill at the time of her daughter's birth - would meet with the people who are to adopt her child.

I very much hope that the mother on whom I concentrate will be able to have an opportunity of meeting the adopters. It is important for P to know that her birth family, as I know they do, will continue to take a continuing interest in her. It will not be straightforward. It will not be easy. The mother, I know, is to return to Italy shortly but if it is possible and a meeting is offered I very much hope that the mother would be able to play her part in that.

– Judge Newton
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