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US military: High-ranking official killed in Kabul

One high-ranking military official was killed by an Afghan soldier in an attack at a Kabul camp, US Defense and Military officials have confirmed.

According to the officials, US and Afghan military officials were meeting at the Marshal Fahim National Defense University in Kabul when suddenly a gunman wearing an Afghan military uniform sprayed the gathering with automatic weapons fire.

Unconfirmed reports say that as many as two Afghan military officials were also killed. Given the severity of the wounds, US officials say the overall death toll could rise.

Man in Afghan army uniform kills one and wounds 15

A man wearing an Afghan army uniform opened fire on foreign troops at a military base, killing at least one NATO soldier and wounding 15.

The wounded included a German brigadier general was receiving medical treatment and was "not in a life-threatening condition." and "about a dozen" Americans who were shot at Camp Qargha, west of the capital, Kabul, according to German military.

General Mohammmad Zahir Azimi, a spokesman for Afghanistan's Defense Ministry, said a "terrorist in an army uniform" opened fire on both local and international troops before the gunman was killed, Associated Press reported.


Nato confirms 'incident involving Afghan troops'

Nato's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) has confirmed an incident took place earlier involving a "local Afghan and ISAF troops" at Camp Qargha in Kabul City.

The incident happened at Camp Qargha in Kabul City. Credit: Google Maps

We can confirm that an incident occurred involving local Afghan and ISAF troops at Camp Qargha (pronounced “Kar-ga”) today in Kabul City, Afghanistan. The Camp, also known as the Kabul ANA Officer Academy, is an Afghan National Security Forces facility. We are in the process of assessing the situation. More information will be released as we sort out the facts.

– ISAF spokesperson

MOD investigating reports of Afghan soldier shooting

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed it is investigating reports of a shooting incident involving an Afghan soldier at a British-run military academy near Kabul. Officials said they are aware of reports that an Afghan commander was injured and that there had been international casualties.

The MOD is investigating reports of Afghan soldier shooting. Credit: Reuters

Unconfirmed reports suggested an argument broke out at the academy at Qargha between some Afghans and an Afghan soldier who opened fire, the BBC reported.

We are aware of reports of an incident at Qargha. The incident is under investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.

– MoD spokesman

The officers' training academy - dubbed "Sandhurst in the sand" - took its first cadets last October and will be the only remaining British military presence in the country after operations end this year.

Army chief: Wars bred 'warrior generation' of troops

The head of the British Army said the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has given rise to a "warrior generation" of UK troops.

British troops at Camp 501, Camp Bastion, Helmand Province in Afghanistan. Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Archive

On the centenary of Britain's entry to the First World War, General Sir Peter Wall, chief of the General Staff, told the Daily Telegraph the military had learned from its operations in the countries.

I believe the warrior spirit and experience the British Army has acquired during its long decade of combat in Iraq and Afghanistan means it is ready for the challenges it is likely to face in the years ahead.

We can be confident we have a 'warrior generation' who have the skill and fighting ability to play their role in the nation's defence and its security interests.

– General Sir Peter Wall, chief of the General Staff

Despite the withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan being well under way, he hinted that should the need arise, UK forces could return to the war-torn country.

If the Taliban were to be resurgent and al-Qaeda was again establishing sanctuaries, we would have to consider whether more effort was required on our part.

– General Sir Peter Wall, chief of the General Staff

Afghanistan: Karzai cousin killed by suicide bomb

Afghan President Hamid Karzai's cousin, has been killed in a suicide bomb attack at his home, officials in Kandahar say.

Hashmat Karzai, a close ally of presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani, was hosting an event for the Eid al-Fitr holiday at his home in the province when a well-dressed man posing as a guest set off hidden explosives as Karzai greeted him, the governor's office said.

The attack comes as the country is caught in a political deadlock over a disputed election to replace Hamid Karzai as president.


Taliban claims responsibility for Kabul Airport attack

A Taliban suicide bomber detonated himself outside Kabul International Airport, killing three foreign advisers and an Afghan interpreter, police said. A Taliban spokesman, Zabihulllah Mujahid, claimed responsibility for the attack.

In this successful attack up to 15 invader soldiers were killed or wounded and many vehicles were damaged.

– Taliban

'All four insurgents killed' after Kabul airport attack

A fierce gunbattle between Afghan security forces and militants in a building near Kabul airport has now ended, according to reports by AFP.

Kabul airport assault over after 'all attackers are killed'

Afghan policemen take their positions near the airport. Credit: REUTERS/Omar Sobhani

An attack on Kabul airport has now ended after the gunmen were killed, officials have said.

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