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Taliban claim responsibility for deadly Kabul blast

Credit: Reuters

The Taliban have claimed responsibility for a suicide car bomber that attacked a foreign motorcade in Kabul, killing at least three international troops and injuring 13 people.

The blast happened just off a busy road that runs from the US Embassy to the airport, near the country's Supreme Court.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in an emailed statement to journalists. The international military coalition ISAF did not have any immediate information.

The attack comes as the country's two presidential contenders continue negotiations to form some sort of national unity government.


Kabul bomb attack kills four near US Embassy

A bomb attack near the US Embassy in the Afghanistan capital Kabul has killed four international troops, an official Coalition statement has said.

At least five were wounded in the blast, which was claimed by the Taliban. Afghan Deputy Interior Minister Mohammad Ayub Salangi earlier said on Twitter a suicide car bomber had targeted a convoy of foreign troops.

Red Cross workers kidnapped in Afghanistan

Five Red Cross workers were kidnapped by an armed group in Afghanistan two days ago, the organisation said.

International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) spokesperson Marek Resich said: "The incident happened when the team was traveling by road in Herat province on August 14."

He added the organisation was working on multiple levels to secure the safe return of the Afghan nationals.


US Major General killed in Afghanistan identified

The highest-ranked American soldier to be killed in the war in Afghanistan has been identified.

Major General Harold Greene was a 34-year veteran. Credit: US Army

Major General Harold Greene was killed after a man wearing an Afghan army uniform opened fire at a military base in Kabul.

The 34-year veteran was involved in preparing Afghan forces for when American troops leave at the end of this year.

At least 15 soldiers - including British personnel - were wounded in the attack.

MoD: UK personnel injured in Kabul base shooting

The Ministry of Defence has confirmed that a number of UK personnel have been injured after a man wearing an Afghan army uniform opened fire on foreign troops at a military base in Kabul.

We can confirm that a small number of UK personnel were involved in an incident at the Afghan National Defense University site today in Kabul. The incident is currently under investigation and it would be inappropriate to comment on the details at this time or on issues relating to personnel from other ISAF nations.

– Ministry of Defence

Even in the final stages of the mission UK and ISAF personnel will never be without risk. These sorts of incidents, whilst infrequent, are tragic events and we and our ISAF and Afghan partners take them extremely seriously.

– Ministry of Defence
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