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Burundi opposition figure Zedi Feruzi assassinated

People have been holding protests against the President's plan to run for another term of office. Credit: Reuters/Eric Vidal

The head of an opposition party in Burundi, Zedi Feruzi, has been shot dead in the capital by gunmen, according to Reuters news agency.

Feruzi and his bodyguard was killed in the Ngagara district according to the head of the civil society group Ligue ITEKA, Anshere Nikoyagize. Residents said he was killed near his home.

"We heard a lot of gunfire," a neighbour of Feruzi told Reuters. "It's unfortunate because there were army soldiers here, and they didn't do anything."

Burundi is facing its deepest crisis since the end of an ethnically-fuelled civil war in 2005. The unrest was triggered by the President's decision to seek another five years in office.

The presidential election is due to be held on June 26th. Parliamentary and local council polls will now be held on June 5th, delayed by a little more than week.

Burundi police fire teargas and beat protesters amid unrest

Burundi police fired teargas at protesters who have demanded that President Pierre Nkurunziza end his bid for a third term, in a resurgence of unrest that has stoked fears of ethnic conflict in Africa's Great Lakes.

Protesters run as police fire tear gas. Credit: Reuters

Reuters said at least eight of the flag-waving and chanting demonstrators were dragged off by police. Some in the crowd responded by pelting officers with stones and rocks.

Policemen and soldiers walk on a street during a protest against Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza. Credit: Reuters

Separately, shots were fired at the offices of the European Union's representative in Bujumbura, prompting the mission to demand the government step up its security. The EU gave no more details.

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